Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Swing Sets and Silas

So the swing set of my last post, otherwise known as "The Mammoth Beast", is now ours! My sweet Dad went with me to take it down and the thing was HEAVY and well bolted together. It took us about 5 hours to dismantle it and haul it to the trailer to load it up. It is big, and it is ours. You will not see a picture in this post of what it looks like in our yard because it is still in the trailer. We are having a Playground Building Party on Saturday, October 6th and you are all invited!

Caleb went with us to scout out the swing set.

This was one of my favorite parts of the set. It is a little counter with two stools where the kids can stop and have a snack under the little covered porch!

Here is my Dad in the process of taking it down. Good ol' Dad...what would we do without him? (One thing I can assure you we would NOT do without him is buy a huge swing set that has to be disassembled them reassembled!)

Amy, Josh and Silas came to see us 2 weekends ago. Josh was in town for work, so Amy and I had time to hang out and spend some time together. Silas is cute as a button and so good natured and content. Caleb was still sick while they were here and a bit of a cranky pants, so Silas's attempts at making friends with him didn't go over so well this time. Here they are having some paci time.

This is just a cute shot of their little diaper booties:

And this is just darn cute:

Seth was more interested in Silas. I show Seth Amy's blog with pictures of Silas, and Seth likes to say his name with a cute lisp on both s's. Here is Seth's attempt at a hug, and Silas looks like he is not too sure of this rough guy.

Seth also loves his Aunt Amy, and he kept asking for her after they went back to Oklahoma City.

I will leave you with some random photos of the boys.

This is what always happens when I catch the boys in a cute moment together. Seth was hugging Caleb, I ran to get my camera, and by the time I clicked they were wrestling over a toy!

This is Steve teaching Seth how to play air guitar to something on ITunes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Little Dirt Don't Hurt

My son has fully embraced this motto. Seth plays in the back yard almost every day when he gets home from preschool, and he finds some way to create mud. Usually, he gets a little water from the dog's water dish and starts mixing it somewhere until he has a nice little mud pit. Then, he proceeds to cover himself from head to toe in it. He revels in it. When I watch him secretly through the window, he looks giddy and exhilarated. He smiles to himself a lot when he is in the backyard, and it is lot's of fun to watch him. Until it is time to come in the house, which always means a strip down and a bath of which Caleb always joins in on.

On to other random news....
Sarah a while back had asked for pictures of our house now that our front porch and new shutters are complete. We live in a house that is almost 50 years old, and ever since we moved in over 5 years ago, we have been updating and remodeling. This is what the front of our house looked like before..

That is Sarah in the picture with Steve posing with the 1960's ironwork porch. eek. It had seen better days. The concrete was crumbling and the iron posts were rusting. We also used to have the uni-hedge that went all the way across the front of the house. Sarah was over that day helping us to put in some new plants. And the porch transformation...

It is so nice to have a front porch that is actually big enough to stand on with people when they are leaving our house. Before, it was so small that it was awkward to have more than one person on it at a time.

And wishful thinking....

We have been looking at swing sets, and this one is at someone's home and they are selling it. Doesn't it look like so much fun for two energetic little boys! My favorite part, which you are not going to be able to see in these pictures, is that the lower level of the fort has a little door, and next to the door is a door bell and a little mail box.

I told Steve we could decorate the play house...he looked at me really funny. Like he was thinking, "Boys don't need their fort "DECORATED" by their Mommy." But hey, it would be pretty cute wouldn't it? I will keep you updated. We might go look at it tomorrow!