Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

When you haven't posted in 22 days, it seems the best and most appropriate thing to post about is...


I really enjoy the month of December and having a Christmas tree twinkling with lights in our living room.  The first thing Caleb does every morning when he wakes up is run to turn on the lights. 
These are some of my favorite ornaments hanging on our tree this year.

This first ornament is from our honeymoon, which we spent in Vail in December of 2001.

This ornament is from our 1st Anniversary in 2002 in San Francisco.

This one is from a gift exchange we did with a home team we were attending at our church in 2003.  There was a girl sitting next to me that I didn't know, and she whispered to me, "Pick that bag.  I think you'll really like it."  I loved it and now, 8 years later, we are still great friends. 

We do an ornament exchange with my Mom's side of the family each Christmas.  This guitar was sent to our family last year from our cousins Pete and Brittany.  I had never seen a guitar ornament with the sheet music behind it.  Love it!

Last year, my parents gave this ornament to our boys.  You push a button, and the train goes around the track and inside the tunnel.  The little skaters go in a circle around the white tree, and it has a mini light show that fades from blue to purple to white as the song (There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays) plays.  The boys love this, and they were so excited to put it on the tree again this year.

This is our brand new ornament we just received from our family exchange this year!  Our cousins Keith and Caitlin sent this from Florida, and I love that it reminds me of all the Christmases we spent as kids in Florida at my grandparent's house.  We would always spend one day of our trip going to West Palm Beach and playing in the sand.

 I love how so many of our ornaments tell a story, either of a place we have been or of a loved one that gifted it to us.  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Western Seth

Seth had Western Day at school the day before Thanksgiving Break.  They dress up in western wear and have square dancing during P.E.


Nice, polite, smiley cowboy...

Rough and tough cowboy...

Cowboy that is tired of his mom taking pictures...