Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thanks a Latte

We all have people in our lives that go the extra mile for either us or our kiddos.  I used this free printable for teacher appreciation gifts, but you could use it for anyone in your life you want to show a little gratitude to.

You can either print it directly on card stock, send it to a lab and have it printed on photo paper, or print it at home on regular paper and mount it on card stock.  I chose the third option.

Stop at Starbucks and pick up a gift card and ask for a coffee sleeve for each card you purchase.  The example I worked from used the underside of the sleeve, but I decided to use the logo side.  Just staple it down to make a little pocket and slip your gift card in.

Depending on the time of year, Starbucks has different options for themed gift cards.  They happened to have teacher appreciation cards which were perfect for my project!

Full instructions and free printable found HERE.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fly Guy

**I am going to start going back through my pictures from the last 6 months and blog some of the things I missed.  So these will be out of order with life as it is happening right now, but I want to have a record of these things for our family.*

Seth's assignment for school was to dress as his favorite book character. There would be a book character parade through the school, and they would carry their book with them as they marched the halls.  He picked "Fly Guy".

I had to improvise, so I bought some Mickey Mouse ears and attached half of a foam ball to each side.  We bought a headband and used pipe cleaners to make antennas.  The wings are made from something I found at Hobby Lobby - they look like pipe cleaners on steroids.  Seth loved it!

And so did Caleb...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday Sailing

We went sailing on Sunday at a local lake, which is only about 5 minutes from our house.  On the way there, Steve and I were talking about the fact that he had never been out on a boat at this lake.

He said, "Well, I am not really a lake person."  And after thinking for a moment, he said, "I am not really a boat person either."  He was taking one for the team since it was my nephew's birthday and he requested that we all go sailing together.

My sister-in-law's parents own a sailboat and took us all out.  Seth had been out on the sailboat once before and was an old pro.

Steve - before his dramamine had fully kicked in - with Captain Tim in the background.

Why yes, the water does look quite green.  Didn't stop the boys from swimming and even putting their heads under and using goggles to try and see.  Not sure that was very successful!

Captain Caleb - which he likes to refer to himself as - steering the boat.

My sister braved the radioactive green waters to swim with the boys - thanks sis!

My brother and the birthday boy!