Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Forgot I Had A Blog

Whoa....I have a blog! I sort of forgot for a while. Until Karah reminded me.

Some big things have been going on, and finding time to blog hasn't really been on the front burner for a while.

One son started full day Kindergarten. What ever happened to half-day Kindergarten I want to know? Big time milestone and Mom needed to set aside more time to fret and worry, and then remember she wasn't supposed to fret and worry, but pray instead.

One started Preschool 5 days per week. More fret and worry....oops! then more praying.

Turns out we adjusted to Kindergarten just fine. Pretty much rock star status by day 3.

We needed a little longer to adjust to Preschool, with the transition period consisting of some kicking, screaming, crying, refusing to eat, and maybe one episode of throwing up on the principal. But we did it, now we love it, and we might have one teacher's aide wrapped around our preschooler's chubby little finger.

The only thing we still haven't conquered completely is "The Morning". Mom's, you know what I mean. Getting up early, getting out of our warm beds, eating breakfast with a smile on our faces, getting dressed with no whining, and getting out the door with everything we need on time, every day.

Most mornings, we look a lot like this.

But we get to school in one piece with hair and teeth brushed (most mornings) and we are ok with that!

So I transitioned from lot's of kid time to almost 5 hours per day of kid-free-zone.

I started a part-time, work from home job this summer. This 5 hour window really helped free up some time to work while the kids were gone and also get the house in order, do some projects, run errands, etc. My job started really picking up speed at the beginning of September which was great timing with the kids being in school. I work for this company. I handle their phone calls and book their parties. My boss sends me ridiculous texts, calls and blares Vanilla Ice through the phone, and also has clients call and play practical jokes on me. The only reason I put up with the hostile working environment is that my boss is also my brother.

Then a situation came up where we could help out someone in need. This situation arose about 3 weeks after the kids started school. What transpired was that we were asked to take care of a newborn indefinitely until some things could be worked out in his family.

He is now 2 months old, has been with us almost a month, and is doing great. He is a sweet little guy, and we are remembering what it is like to snuggle with a little one....and maybe getting a little too familiar with what it is like to stumble around in the night and frantically make a bottle. I forgot how infants can go from peaceful and quiet to extremely ticked off in a matter of about 3.7 seconds when they realize they are hungry!

Our boys have been superstars in handling the transition. Seth is really sweet with him, loves to kiss him and touch his feet. Caleb mostly ignores him, sometimes gives him a passing glance...but he has not acted jealous and has had no regressions in his behaviors. We'll take it!

So there are just a few reasons to explain my blogging absence. Karah, I did this for you girl, and mostly because I know you are sick and thought I would do my part in cheering you up from all the way over here in Texas!