Thursday, August 9, 2007

Road Trippin'

This picture cracks me up for several reasons. First, Caleb is just too good at mad doggin' the camera. He has this serious, better-get-out-of-my-way look on his face. And, he has his hands on BOTH steering wheels and his big brother is letting him get away with it. What a nice guy Seth is!

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow for a road trip to Colorado. 14 hours of driving bliss with a packed car, two kids strapped in car seats, and a husband who is going to get cranky when he has to drive most of the night because his wife is very, very weak in the night driving abilities. When we first got married, we drove back and forth to California 3 different times straight through without stopping at a hotel to spend the night. This is because we were young, crazy, didn't have enough money for a hotel, and didn't have children. During these three trips, I did not have a good track record of doing my share of the driving at night. I would think I was awake, drive for 10 minutes, then start nodding off. Isn't that the worst feeling in the world!?! To be driving and you can't stay awake? Argh...he even made me get out on the side of the interstate at 3am and do jumping jacks to try to wake myself up. Now, as a disclaimer, when we tell this story now, he always says, "I didn't MAKE you get out." Well, let's just say it was strongly suggested and I wasn't going to argue with a sleep deprived, slightly deranged new husband :~)!

So I will post again when I have pictures of the beautiful Rocky Mountains to share. Say a prayer for us and the road trip. We hit the road tomorrow at around 4pm, and hope to roll into Vail at about 7am. Jeff and Lesli Thompson, our friends from JBU and Hillview Acres, are meeting us there later in the morning, so we can't stop at a hotel even if we want to!

(I will leave you with this one. Serious drivers preparing for the big road trip. And Caleb is either signaling a turn or he just MIGHT be practicing his moves for his upcoming tryout for the Happy Hands Club, Aunt Cindy)


Amy said...

What am I doing? Laughing out loud right now! Good one. :)

Really cute pictures... Thats so fun that you are going to see Jeff and Les while you are in Colorado!We do need to talk tomorrow..maybe when you are on the road. I hear ya about driving all night..we just did that on our way to Iowa from Colorado. I didn't drive a lick of it because I can't keep my eyes open..sleepy. Love you!

Cindy said...

caleb is in for a real treat...i hear there are happy hands clubs popping up all over the country.

your boys are precious courts. i hope the trip went well. did you have 500 car games...or did you just sleep through the whole trip and give the boys "sleepy pills" Don't worry, that's not the kind of mom i'll be..just wondering.

love you girl and i hope your trip is perfection!

amber. said...

Road trips and kids... ughh... bring the Jack Daniels.

Say hi to Jeff and Lesli for me!


jeremynjenprice said...

Hey Courtney! I'm so glad you have a blog so we can see pictures of you guys! I can't believe Caleb is 1 already!