Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's been one of those months...

I haven't blogged in almost a month, so my apologies go out to my three faithful readers (you know who you are!) :~) I think about blogging a couple times a week, and then something always comes up to prevent me from setting aside some time to put together some thoughts and upload some pictures. Like Seth and I getting a stomach bug, Caleb sticking his hands into a quart of yogurt and finger painting his clothes and the kitchen with it, Seth getting into an ant bed in the yard and then having an allergic reaction to the bites, coughs and runny noses, kids who used to sleep through the night tag teaming and waking up 3 to 4 times per night, Steve getting the stomach bug, and I could go on and on but, alas, I will stop there.

On to more cheerful subjects!

The "Beast", also known as our new swing set, is up! Some of our wonderful friends from New Hope came to help us put it up, and my Dad supervised the project and kept everyone in line all day. Yes, I said all day because that is how long it took them. They started at around 9am and finished up in time to have pizza at about 6pm. Here are some pictures of the process:

Yes, that was Steve you saw sliding down the slide!

Seth calls it "the park" and is always asking to go "outside to the park". Steve and I both felt that all the hard work of tearing it down and putting it back up has been worth it because of how much Seth loves it! (Hopefully my Dad feels the same way after two very hard days of serious manual labor. Thanks Dad!)

Seth is loving preschool and loves his teacher Mrs. Carrero and his speech therapist Ms. Lerman. His teacher is so great, she leaves me messages like, "Seth just went pee-pee in the potty and we are so excited that we are having a party!" or sends notes home that say "I love your son, thank you for sharing him with us." I had to take him in late the other morning (it was the morning of the allergic reaction to the ant bites) and his class was out on the playground when we got there. I walked him out and when he saw his teacher, he let go of my hand and started running toward her with this huge smile on his face yelling, "Carrero! Carrero!" and jumped into her arms (he doesn't really have the "Mrs." down yet, but she doesn't seem to mind!) It is so nice that he loves to go to school and it is never a fight to get him ready to go.

He also LOVES to play in the sink with water and bubbles:

As Caleb has gotten older and is more mobile, he and Seth have been able to start playing more together. The other day, we had Seth's Thomas the Train tent up, and they were in there together playing. I went and grabbed the camera and stuck it through the opening to take a quick picture of them. I think they had just finished wrestling over the little green car in Caleb's hand and thought they were about to get in trouble!

And here they are jumping on Seth's bed together...

Here they are being tormented by the horrible vacuum. They both have a love/hate relationship with the thing. It's like they want to get close and touch it...but it is too unpredictable for them, and then they get scared and run and jump in the chair. So I was being a horrible Mommy and parking the vacuum by the chair while it was running so I could get a picture of them on safe ground.

And here is Caleb, after I had turned the vacuum off. Now he is really brave and has conquered the big bad vacuum!

I am officially a 30-something now. I turned 31 on October 14th, and Steve was great to arrange babysitting for both they boys from 3pm on Sunday until the next morning. So that was a nice break! Thanks to the Burgess's and Mom and Dad for watching Seth, and to Neal and Heather for watching Caleb. We went to see a great movie, click here if you want to know what it was. Then we caught the end of the Cowboys ONLY loss this season to the Patriots...sniff sniff. For dinner, we ate at a fabulous restaurant in Addison that has the best steaks I have ever eaten. So if you are ever in Dallas and need a great place for a steak or yummy seafood, you might want go here. It was a great birthday!!

Then we went to the State Fair of Texas. Steve and I have been one other time since we have been married, and it is definitely a different ball game when you take two small children. So instead of a full day of fun, we had about two and half hours and that was enough for everyone! But we packed lot's of fun into those short hours. Here are the boys on the way to the fair...

Seth loved the petting zoo. Here he is petting a buffalo...

Caleb doesn't seem too interested in the camel..

Seth loves all trains, big...

...and small!

Here is Big Tex in the background (because everything is bigger in Texas):

Seth enjoyed some carnival rides:

I can't believe it is almost November! We are taking the boys to a Pumpkin Patch tomorrow, so I will take lot's of pictures and then probably wait weeks to post any. Or maybe I will post some this week! You will just have to wait and see :~)


Amy said...

That 2nd big train picture of Seth is amazing....your husband must be a photographer or something.

I loved reading your update since I haven't been able to talk to you since the big birthday...sweet Steve arranging for a night without kiddies...

Lets talk soon!

Amy said...

oh, one more thing....Silas just asked if he could come over and play at the Horvath playground...
That thing is amazing!

sarah p said...

Yea! So fun to see updated pics. The swing set looks AMAZING. Love that Seth calls it the Park. =) And how sweet of your hubby to arrange a night away sans kiddos. Sounds like you guys had a really good time! Just seeing pics of the fair makes my mouth water for one of those amazing corn dogs. Tell me you ate one. I love those things!
I've missed talking to you...let's catch up soon. Sorry to hear that the stomach bug visited your house. Sounds like you guys have a had a heck of a few weeks. Glad you're all feeling better. Can't wait to see the pumpkin pictures!

p.s. I love that picture of them in the tent. The look so guilty! =)

Cindy said...

alas..your third and faithful friend. great pics. i'm with sarah on the tent pic of them. i must admit i got a little teary(surprise) with the seth story about going to school and running to his teacher. seriously, what an amazing blessing a good teacher is! also, with the things she wrote home and calling you. that is something i have not heard of and it sounds like she is a keeper.
your dad...steve..the beast...gotta love that day..and the fact that it is over!

much love to my courts. well done on this one!

jeremynjenprice said...

Hey Courtney! Good to see pics of you guys! Looks like you are growing your hair out. We'll be back next month so we look forward to seeing you guys!