Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boys will be Boys

Two Boys + Adventurous Spirits + Risky Climbing= Falling & Frequent Injuries

Seth first...this happened when he was about the same age as Caleb is now, a little over 1. We thought his nose was broken. He had no bridge of his nose left because it was so swollen.

Fast forward 2 years....Caleb is even MORE risky than Seth was. He is constantly standing on top of the coffee table, standing in chairs, running too fast for his legs to keep up and hurdling forward to land on his face. He fell face first into Steve's camera bag and cut the bridge of his nose on a camera lens.

Steve goes through stages where his passion for photography is shelved for one of two reasons. A) We have too many photography jobs and it becomes just a job or B) He is too busy with other things. Lucky for me, we are back in a season where he is enjoying it! So here are some great shots he took of the boys playing outside.

One day the boys were restless, so I put up our tent in the living room. The loved it, and then they snuggled down to watch a movie. Here is Caleb kicked back...

and here is a rare moment of Seth and Caleb being in very close proximity and not wrestling or fighting over a toy!


sarah p said...

As always, fantastic photos! Poor Caleb...that looks like it hurt!
I love his jammies with the dinosaurs. =)

I want to talk to you sometime...I'll give you a call. Still trying to figure out which way is up right now.

love to all of you!
sarahf & jackson

Anonymous said...

well done mom. love the tent idea. you know those are the things they will always remember. i made tim make a pallett in the living room just last weekend.

love you...your bff c

Amy said...

Oh. gosh. I just wrote a long comment and then blogger said ti couldn't post.

I am happy to see you and Cindy are back to being BFF. :) Steve takes great pictures...I love the ones of the boys! I especially love the last one of Caleb walking...is that called cross processing? The photographer that took our pictures last time (and is taking them again in a few weeks) did some of our pictures like that and I loved them!

Love Love Love to you!