Saturday, December 1, 2007

Grandma Terri's Visit to Texas

Seth loves Grandma Terri! Since Steve's mom has been gone, Seth has called many women "Grandma Terri". Women love to be called Grandma by their grandchildren...maybe not so much by unfamiliar children who think they look like grandmas? Here is a list of some of the women that Seth has called Grandma Terri...
1.) A blonde woman in her 30's whose son takes guitar lessons from Steve
2.) A random woman passing us at the grocery store
3.) A woman in a business suit and the flight attendant on Steve and Seth's plane to California

Steve's Grandpa (Grandpa Steve) is not well, so Steve and Seth are in California for a 4-day visit. Here are the 3 handsome Steve's (my Steve, his Grandpa Steve, and his Dad Steve) at Christmas last year. Yes, it does get confusing when we are talking about the Steve's!

I have declared this time a vacation for myself as well, so I have been scrapbooking and watching movies. I have been able to focus more attention on Caleb, and as he has been sick for the past week, he is a bit more receptive to cuddling than he normally is. Here is a scrapbook page that I made for Seth.

And this is how Caleb likes to spend his mini-vacation...

Back to Grandma Terri's visit...Terri decided to get the boys a "manly" kitchen for Christmas while she was in town. First, we went to Toys R Us to take a look, and did you know that some play kitchens now cost in the $250 range? Amazing. And they are made of plastic! We were trying to steer away from the pink and lavender varieties, and they do cater to the male chefs of the future now by offering kitchen in neutrals and even blues. So the more we looked, we realized that a wooden kitchen was a better quality toy, especially for two rough little boys. We found the cutest kitchen at Target. It came in a suspiciously small, yet heavy, box. When we got home, I realized that the box was so small because they had broken the toy down into 1,236 pieces that we now had to assemble.

Well, maybe not 1,236, but there were over 150 screws and wood dowels in the assembly kit. So it took Steve and I over 2 hours to put it together, but I have to say, we had good teamwork and it was not that painful.

Seth was taking a nap while we put it together, so we took it out and set it up in the living room so he could see it and be surprised.

Seth loves the kitchen, and his favorite part is that it has a microwave. He is fascinated by microwaves. He had so much fun checking everything out:

Caleb gets to play with it mostly when Seth is at school. When Seth is playing with it, he guards it and is like a really intense defensive player in basketball. Caleb even tries to just run up really fast, grab a dish or a utensil, and run away because he knows that there is no playing side by side with his brother in the kitchen yet.

Thanks Grandma Terri! We love our kitchen! Love, Seth and Caleb

This is just a shot of Seth riding in the basket of our stroller. We took a really long walk at the park one day, and Seth got tired and wanted to be carried. So we put him the basket underneath the stroller (which lasted about 3 minutes) but made for a good picture!


Amy said...

I love the blue manly boy kitchen! The pictures of Seth playing with it are so cute! The Horvath boys have the BEST toys...huge wooden swing set deal, trampoline, lots of toys inside, a cool kitchen.....

I am happy that you have enjoyed your little mini vacation..your scrapbook page of Seth is cute. I seriously can't believe how much Caleb has changed. He is such a cutie pie.

Love the cross processed photo of you, Steve, and grandma.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

That is a great kitchen! I didn't know they were making them for boys now. Something little chef Jackson is going to need in the future. =)

I got a chuckle out of picturing Caleb running to grab a utensil and then running away before Seth got to him in the kitchen. That's funny. I see Seth opening his own restaurant one day, yes?

Great pictures! I love seeing your boys...they're getting oh-so-big!

love you,

Anonymous said...

so glad you had a good "vacation" at home and now your boys are home safely! i was cracking up about the grandma terri comments from seth. i can just see some younger ladies wondering why they are being called grandma. i guess that is just a huge compliment to the actual grandma terri who looks very young herself.

your hair is so long..cute courts. it has been a while since you have grown out your locks.

love the manly kitchen. i can only imagine the team work of you and steve. maybe i should use that as a team building initiative for a corporate event? wheels are spinning.

love you precious...cindy

Kristy said...

Oh, man, that's SUCH a better kitchen than the one we got for Sophie! I'm jealous (for her, since she has no idea).

Your boys are so stinking CUTE.

(I'm friends with Sarah, by the way - to save you from trying to figure out who the heck has hijacked your blog to talk about coveting kitchens.) ;)

Karah said...

Hey! These pics are wonderful! Man - we have that Target kitchen (just an older model) and I put it together by myself. Good lord was that fun. HAHAHHAHAHA.

It was so great catching up with Steve - it'll be nice to see BOTH of you though!

PS you inspired me to start a blog too hehehehehe :)