Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Chaotic End to 2007

Happy New Year everyone! Lot's has happened since my last post, and even though I would love to start with pictures from our recently concluded trip to Colorado, I must go back and hit a few events that happened at the end of 2007.

Steve turned 30!! At first, we were going to plan a big party, then he decided as the time was drawing close that he didn't want a big party after all. His birthday is sandwiched in between our anniversary (we celebrated 6 years on December 15th) and Christmas on the 25th, so sometimes life just seems a little too crazy during those 10 days to adequately celebrate all the big events! So I surprised him with a small come and go afternoon at our house for cake and cheesecake, and about 20 of our friends stopped by to wish him a happy birthday!

Seth had his last day of preschool on December 21st, so I was busy the day before baking cookies for the end of year party and baking pumpkin spice bread for gifts for his teachers. Seth's preschool is a huge blessing for us....he has great teachers, it is a small class so he receives lot's of one on one attention, and it is in the public school system so it is free! The downside is the level of Political Correctness that the state has imposed on the schools. So they can't have a Christmas party, because there are too many other religions that would be left out. Now, they can't even have a holiday party, because people were offended by the "Christmas party in disguise". Sooo.....they now have a nursery rhyme party without even a hint of Christmas trees, snowflakes, or gingerbread men. Huh? We got a flyer in mid-December inviting us to the party and asking us to dress Seth in a costume that reflected his favorite nursery rhyme. So begrudgingly, secretly wanting to smuggle in a nativity scene in my bag and dress Seth up as a wise man, I made him a t-shirt with this on it....

It was fun to be in the classroom with Seth and see how he interacted with his classmates and teachers. Here is Seth with Mrs. Lerman (left) his speech therapist, and Mrs. Carrero (right) his teacher.

And Mrs. Kassem, his beloved teacher's aide. While Seth is at home playing in his room, I hear him talking to Mrs. Kassem and playing games with her. So cute.

I got to help him make an Itsy Bitsy Spider out of pretzels and chocolate icing.

Then....the craziness began! We had the weekend to get ready for our family Christmas on Sunday at my Mom and Dad's, wrapping presents and making food. Steve and I had both been sick most of the week, and things started getting worse Saturday. He had to go to the Doc-in-the-Box that was open on the weekend, and they said he had bronchitis and a sinus infection. Sweet. So I had to rush around getting him medicine and "being sick" supplies (kleenex, juice, etc.) while feeling pretty bad myself. He was not able to sing, and was scheduled to lead worship the next morning at church so he had to find someone to fill in for him. Sunday, Caleb and I started going downhill, so first Steve and I both went to our Christmas Eve service rehearsal, then I went to the Doc-in-the-Box, then I took Caleb to the Acute Kids Care clinic that evening at 7:30pm. What a way to celebrate! We were all trying to get well because we were leaving on a flight for Colorado on Christmas morning. On Monday morning, Christmas Eve, we did our own little family Christmas.

Then we were at our church from 1:30pm until 6:30pm getting ready for and singing and playing at the two services. That evening, we finished packing and prepared for getting up VERY EARLY to leave for the airport with my whole family for our White Christmas in Colorado! Whew.


Amy said...

I love the new layout...look at you.
I had no idea you all had the sickies!
Is Seth done with school now? No school next semester? His teachers and workers are so cute...he clearly loves them! Seth is a doll.
Love the picture of Steve skiing. :)

Umm. I am going to see you in approximately one week. Thats right Cindy and Sarah....I am going to see Courtney. You girls could see us too if you lived closer....:)

Anonymous said...

Courtney... so enjoyed seeing you and your beautiful boys!!!! I came across your blog while poking around on Karah's. I'd love to snuggle with those darlings and have them mistake me for Grandma Terri!!! Sounds like things are well, are you all feeling better?? And who says you big boys can turn 30????!!!! Love to you all, LeeAnn Fredricks

Cindy said...

shout out to courts. well done on the blog. you have inspired me to work on mine a bit!! seth looks so cute with his teachers and i love how he is talking to them when he plays. inspiring teachers are the best! i love you and i'm thinking about you a lot. we'll talk soon my friend... cindy

Karah said...

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Man, you guys are crazy. LOL. Are you all feeling better? Aaron was super sick the whole week before Christmas but unlike Steve him and his stubborn butt wouldn't go to the dr. LOL.He's just now starting to feel better.

Love the pics of the kids! I hear ya on the political correctness at school. At least ours still lets us do holiday parties. :)

Awesome new blog look too - and I love the new pics in the sidebar!

We miss you guys! xoxoxo

jeremynjenprice said...

Yeah, those are with my new camera. I love it. So glad Steve and Jeremy played "James Bond" to get it! I saw one of your blogs where you did a scrapbook page. I didn't know you liked doing that. I love it. Next time we should get together and do it!