Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Apologies

When I started this blog, my purpose was to post pictures online of Seth and Caleb so that family members spread far and wide would feel more connected to our family and see the ongoing changes and growth that the kids were experiencing. Simple vision...but as I have continued to "blog", I discovered that I really miss writing and have enjoyed this as a creative outlet as well. It is fun to share amusing stories or exasperating tales that all of us experience as we raise our children.

However, when I looked back over the past month and realized that I haven't posted any pictures of the boys for quite some time, I felt a bit sheepish. I mean, that is why a good portion of my non-commenting readers visit this blog. And you know who you are...Terri (Steve's Mom), Steve and Jacey (Steve's Dad and Stepmom) and the rest of the family in California. Uncle Terry in Florida (my uncle, Great Uncle to Seth and Caleb), Aunt Patty and Uncle Mark in South Carolina, and others spread far and wide. I know that you come to the blog, see that I have posted, and are a tad disappointed when the smiling faces of Seth and Caleb are not there. So my apologies dear family, and I will do my best to keep more pictures coming! (And the non-commenting readers was just a joke...please don't feel pressured to leave a comment. You are welcome here, comments or no comments :-)  But if you want to comment and let me know you stopped by (wink ;-) wink) you can click on the word "comments" at the bottom of this post and it will take you to another page where you can post a comment or just say "hi"!  And you don't have to have a blogger ID, just click anonymous and then leave your name in the comment)

Steve recently moved into a different office at the church that was vacated by a woman who had painted all the walls light purple and one accent wall dark purple. Needless to say, Steve wasn't really "feeling" the color, so I spent a day up at the church with a friend priming and painting his new office two very hip colors for the very hip worship pastor: Sweet Carrot and Mission Tile. During my day of painting, Steve did what every good Dad does when he has a whole day with the boys...he took them to McDonalds. And then he did what only a handful of sweet husbands might do...he took his camera and took lot's and lot's of cute pictures of them.  As you can tell from some of these angles, he actually had to get inside the playground in order to capture some of these shots. Oh, what sweet sacrifice!

King of the slide...

These fries are GOOD!

Seth I want more fries, or do I want to go and slide?

I'm outta here!


Amy said...

Great pictures! Way to go Steve!

Where are the pictures of the masculine worship pastor office? And where are the pictures of the new black shoes??

Love ya.

Courtney Horvath said...

Alas...the black shoes were not meant to be mine.

I wanted to at least post the colors we used for the paint, so I went to the Behr website and used their little color program to download them. But they were completely off. Sweet Carrot looked like a pinky-salmon color, and Mission Tile looked like a milky beige. Weird, and not what I would have painted the masculine worship pastor office :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok so now you made me feel bad for always checking out your blog and never leaving you a comment. -j/k- The boys are both so cute. Glad to see you guys doing well, take care Lewe (not sure how I am supose to spell that???) Miss ya!

Tiff W.

Anonymous said...

I guess I better do something to get me out of the rank of non-commenting blog reader. Is that like being the Grinch? I love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures. I also just read the one on potty talk, and it had me laughing out loud. Msotly I can laugh because my boys are long trained and I don't have to face it again! But it brought back many similar memories! Love, Aunt Patty

sarah p said...

Great pictures! I especially like the first couple of Caleb in the round opening. Very artsy. The one of Seth eating his fries is great too! (heck, they're all great!)

I can't get over Caleb's full head of hair. That's a good lookin' mane he's got going. When, oh when will July get here? They're getting too old!

love you!

p.s. what black shoes?

Anonymous said...

Thanks - as always, a real pleasure to read and view. Great pics. love to all Uncle Terry

Courtney Horvath said...

Yea! Uncle Terry and Aunt Patty commented! Thanks guys.

Hey TIff! Great to hear from you, too. Hope your boys are doing well also. And I always spelled it Lewie...but I don't think it is anything official :-)

Sarah - I was talking to Amy on the phone while I was looking at shoes and told her that I was thinking I was going to get this pair of low profile all black sort of dressy tennis shoes. I think you will know what I am talking about??? Anyways, I didn't end up getting them, and she was asking because I said I would post a picture of them when I got home.

Where or where has Cindy Darr Crowder been in our blogging commenting world??

Karah said...

Sooooooooo cute!!! Love the one of Caleb's back as he's going down the slide. :)

Amy said...

ooohh new background!

I am in the process of new backgrounding my blog too.

like it.

Anonymous said...

ok, i am so sorry...i have been out of it. love the pics. steve should be very proud of himself.

i am trying to be better.
love you even when i don't get on the blogfest!