Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am not sure if this is EXACTLY what Steve looked like on Thursday, but it might have been close. Steve's Dad, Steve, (and yes, that gets complicated :-) showed up at my Steve's office to surprise him. Now, this might not be such a big deal to someone whose Dad lives next door, like mine. Or to someone whose Dad lives across town. But it WOULD be a big surprise if your Dad lives in, say....CALIFORNIA! So I am pretty sure that Steve had a look of stunned amazement on his face when he saw his Dad because we had NO idea he was coming!

I LOVE surprises like this, so it has been so much fun having him here the past couple of days. He has to leave tomorrow after church, but he was also able to play Santa while he was here. Hence the Elmo hat Seth has on in the above photo. It is actually part of a set that was a gift for Caleb from Grandpa and Grammi, but Seth pretty much lays claim to anything that comes through the front door that looks like it is for a kid. But we let it slide because Caleb will not wear a hat even for 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, Grammi was not able to make the trip out this time and we missed her!! This is Seth chatting with Grammi on Grandpa's cool slider cell phone.

Thanks for coming Grandpa!! We had fun with you!

Caleb is not quite at the "sit still and pose with Grandpa" stage :-)


sarah p said...

Yea for Grandpa Steve! What a fun surprise! Looks like you guys had fun. As always, amazing photos of everyone.

Miss you!

Amy said...

LOVE the new banner Courtney!! I really do! You are a talent.

I also like this brown background...nicey nice.

Sweet boys and their g-pa!

Karah said...

That's awesome! What a great surprise!!!! Such great pics, too!! :)

Love the new blog look :)