Friday, April 18, 2008

Splish Splash

Two different boys, two different responses to the camera:
                               Caleb: "What ya lookin' at?"

                               Seth: "Cheese!"
No, I do not encourage the drinking of the bath water.  It just happens.
No, I don't encourage the sucking of the washcloth, either.
Fancy tricks for the camera.

Quote from Pa-Pa: "Somebody give that boy a haircut!" 
Seth showing off his chin wound.  He was running and playing ball with Steve inside the auditorium at our church and he did a chin first slide.


Amy said...

Bath time! I love Caleb's hair and disagree with sweet Pa-Pa. :) I agree the drinking of the bath water is disgust...Silas does it too.

Yesterday while playing with some other friends, I kept referring to Silas as a mini bulldozer... I stole the term from you, but it fully fit him yesterday. He kept making his friend Atticus cry because he would just plow right over him! I think Silas and Caleb would be fun to see play together now that Silas is walking.

sarah p said...

Ok, when did Seth get so darn big? He just looks OLD! These are really sweet pictures. I love Caleb's hair. He is rockin' it.

Love you!

Karah said...

Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! What fantastic pictures. Man - I agree with Sarah - Seth looks so OLD! He has the best smile!! I love that first pic of Calbe hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Courtney - as always it is fun and entertaining to see the pictures and read your blog. love to you and all your guys.
Uncle Terry

Steve said...

Great pics babe. Thanks for making us all laugh. SPH