Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last Day of Pre-School

Seth's last day of pre-school was this past Wednesday.   Here is a look back at his first day...

And here is Seth ready to go on his last day of school!

Here are some shots with him and his favorite ladies at school~ Mrs. Kassem, his teacher's assistant.

Mrs. Lerman, his speech therapist.

Mrs. Carrero, his beloved teacher. We will miss you Mrs. Carrero!

We also had a surprise visit from our friend Silas this past weekend. Here are Seth and Silas enjoying a little leisurely time in the tub!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures with Caleb and Silas. Caleb is 6 months older than Silas, but Silas was roughing him up a bit and kept stealing his pacifiers. So I don't think Caleb would have been too ready to smile and pose. However, we have high hopes that the two will become best buddies over our week long trip together in July to Hot Springs, AR!

Caleb has been doing speech therapy through the same organization we used with Seth. Caleb will be turning 2 at the end of July, and he has still limited his words to "Mama" and "Pa-pa" for paci. He is a man of few words. So we have someone coming out to our house once per week to work with Caleb. I use the word "work" lightly though. Caleb pretty much does everything he can to ignore her when she is trying to get him to talk. Her opinion...he is stubborn and doesn't want to talk. I could have told her that! :-)

So here are some shots of Krista and Caleb building blocks together. As long as she is cooperating with him, he will hang out with her. As soon as she withholds something and tries to get him to make a sound or say a word for what he wants, he decides he is no longer interested, thank you very much.

This boy loves to build!

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Amy said...

I am pretty sure that Caleb could hold his own with Silas.... But, the pacifier stealing was pretty funny to watch. :) That picture of Seth and Silas is really cute! Of course your profesh camera captured better pictures than my camera.

So happy to see a picture of the ever famous Mrs. Carrero!