Thursday, June 12, 2008

Someone turned 4 yesterday....

This is Seth sunbathing in his new pool. It is fancy-schmancy. It actually has a SLIDE built into the pool. The Horvath's are going big time this summer :-)

We had a low key day yesterday. We are not having Seth's party until the 21st because my Dad is in the middle of wheat harvest. Seth had lunch with his Nana and had some birthday cake, and then we had a cake last night at our house.

Steve and I had talked about getting Seth something musical this year. He LOVES music. So we were going to look for a small African drum called a djembe (pronounced "jim-bay"). When I found out a really small one that was only 8 inches diameter and 12 inches tall was $50, we changed our minds! But then....I stumbled upon a beginner's drum set. I told Steve about it over the phone NOT because I thought he would want to buy it, but just because it was cute and I thought SOMEDAY we could get him one. Well.....

Caleb has figured out if he holds the symbol it muffles the noise. He does this to the annoyance of his older brother.

Our good friends Greg and Julia who are a part of our home team also got Seth a musical gift...a harmonica! It is hard to see in this picture, but he is holding it in his hand. He also took it to bed last night and fell asleep holding it. Pretty cute. I will have to post a video soon of him playing his harmonica...

My Uncle Terry, who lives in Florida, also sent Seth a great musical gift.

It has a head set microphone that actually amplifies his voice. He is officially a one-man band with drums, keyboard and harmonica!!
Then he opened his gift from Grandpa and Grammi in California.

We can't wait to try it out today! It is a dog sprinkler that shakes and throws water on the kids. How fun is that. They also sent him a rock-n-roll t-shirt that will be perfect to wear while he is playing his drums or keyboard :-) and also a cool new swimsuit that looks VERY Californian. Seth will be stylin'!



Julia said...

Man, it was a music themed birthday!! We were all in tune with one another....pun intended!!! :-)

sarah p said...

I love that he got so many instruments! Now...which ones will he be bringing along on vacation? We want a concert!

That picture of Caleb holding the cymbals is hilarious. That is totally something Annie or Molly would've done to me and it would've irked me! =)

I cannot BELIEVE he's four!!!

p.s. You've got some cute hair goin' on, Courts! I like it long!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics - looks like Seth had a great birthday. Uncle Terry

Karah said...

Awwwwwwww, happy birthday Seth!!! GREAT pics. I know my kids would love some drums but my sanity couldn't take it. HAHAHAHA. More power to ya :)