Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Day of Pre-K 2008

I did a brave thing this year. Well, brave for me. I let Seth pick out his backpack for school. I thought he made a spectacular choice.

Part of me was afraid he was going to pick something like Sponge Bob or Power Rangers, even though he has never seen either of those shows. We were at Kohls, and the selection was pretty big. He wandered through all of them, including the girls backpacks (small cringe inside hoping he didn't pick one that was pink with a princess on it). He did linger on a Spiderman backpack for a few seconds, but then chose this cute one from the Cars movie. I was actually willing him towards this one :-) It was my favorite of the bunch.

To be completely honest, I would have loved him to have a plain backpack, or maybe one in camo. But I decided that this year he was old enough to choose what he wanted, and I am having to let my dislike for "character" related items be laid to rest. I am being pro-individuality within boundaries, one might say.

Seth goes to school E-A-R-L-Y in the morning. We have to leave by 7:30am and he gets to school by 7:45am. So by the third picture, he was done smiling. Mom, it is too early for this.
We are praying for another great year!


Jen said...

I love that - pro-individuality within boundaries. I feel that way every morning when my kids pick out their clothes for the day!

Karah said...

Aw cutie! I'm impressed. I don't even give my kids character options. HAHAHA. They DO get to pick their lunchbox, whatever they want. But the backpack - I'm all about the solid or the camo too. HAHAHA. Seth looks so cute :)

Amy said...

First of all, Courts you LOOK GOOD! I am definitely seeing some results of your WW efforts. Are you still even doing that?? Either way, you look amazing my friend.

Cute Seth... off to Pre-K. I love him and his Cars backpack.

julia d. hull said...

'pro-individuality within boundaries'...that just cracks me up! Of course, I'm probably only a couple of years away of having to deal with that and Nathan, so I shouldn't laugh to hard...sending good thoughts your way for another great school year!

sarah p said...

Yes, Courtsney, you look GREAT! Ooh la la. I need to start me some WW asap. You are workin' it.

Nice choice, Seth! I'm totally with you on the characters thing, Court. I would also want to go the plain route, but Dave reminds me how much he LOVED He-Man as a kid and he really wants Jackson to love something like that too. We'll see what's big when he gets that age. You're a good momma to let him pick his own.

Love you guys!

The Horvath's said...

Yes Sarah...there lies the problem. Men remember what it was like to be a little boy and love these super heros and then they grow up and design these gaudy backpacks with lot's of plastic, puffy pictures attached to them that Mom's can't stand :-) I guess I could have taken him to the Gap and told him he could have his pick of the camo or the navy or the green, but something told me that wasn't really letting him choose!

blissful_e said...

Definite super-mom points for letting him pick. I can imagine it took guts, because I can see myself leaning toward the Gap route, lol.

But help me out... pre-K? What's that? My super-posh English friend has her girl in a pre-K because it's the safest and surest way to get her girl accepted to the best primary school and then to the best secondary school, etc. I didn't know pre-K existed in Texas. Is it part of the state school system? Sorry to ask dumb questions, but I really don't know anything about this.

brandon said...

a solid choice! good job seth

blissful_e said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and clearing up my pre-K confusion!! Calliani has a speech delay, although she's picking up quickly. I'll find out what the pediatrician thinks on Monday at her 2-yr exam.

Calliani will be 2 on Tuesday, and Michael will be 7 mos on Monday. :)

Oh, and I put together this Blogger profile to make it easy to post comments. But I can't add my xanga url to it because the Blogger site can tell I'm in Egypt and the whole thing is in Arabic script when I see it, so I can't modify it. Sorry for the confusion. I'll put my xanga url on there next time I have my laptop in an English-speaking country, lol. We move to Perth, Western Australia, on 6 Nov (well, that's when we fly out).

My e-mail is elisa.peterson at