Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swim Little Fishy

Seth just finished two weeks of swimming lessons.  For the first three days, he didn't even want to put his face in the water.  He didn't want to get off the steps.  He pretty much protested as loudly as possible if anyone took him under water.  Let's just say Mommy was getting a little exasperated and thought about skipping out on swim lessons by the fourth day.  It just felt like I was TORTURING him and, in turn, he was TORTURING me by clawing me and screaming in my ear.
His teacher, Ms. Janet, has been teaching swimming for a long time.  So Seth's protesting came as no shock to her.  She told me to trust her and keep pushing him, and he would make it over the hump of his fear and enter into the land of water lovers.  Every day when the swim trunks came out of the drawer, he would get this panicked look on his face and say, "No Ms. Janet's!!!!" and run the other direction. I had my doubts, but we persevered.

And she was right!

Here he is JUMPING OFF THE DIVING BOARD and swimming all the way to the steps to my friend Leah.  I am a proud Mommy! You can hear Steve and I yelling from behind the camera. Thanks Ms. Janet - you rock.

Now, he won't stop asking to go to Ms. Janet's to go swimming! We took him swimming last weekend at a friend's pool, and he was like a little fish, constantly going under water and swimming back and forth between all of us.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Seth! We're so proud of you! I can't believe you jumped off of the diving board!!!

Courts, this video is so cute. That's so fun to see!

Hope things are going well as your husband-less at home. Thinking about you!

Oh, and your new profile pic? Ooh la la. Girl, you look gorgeous!

julia d. hull said...

YEA SETH!! I'm so impressed that he actually jumps off the diving board...that's still scary for ME to do! :)

Karah said...

Aww that's awesome! YAY SETH!

We haven't done swimming lessons - I really want to, but the kids seem to be doing ok with their mommy-lessons. LOL. 2 down, 2 to go. :)

LeeAnn said...

That looked like so much fun! It was also nice to hear your voices! It's been a LONG time!

Amy said...

I just watched this video for the first time... Sometimes I am lazy and don't want to click on videos.
Sweet Seth! This was so cute... I made Josh watch it too.

Way to go Sethers!