Monday, September 8, 2008

Question for the Masses this 4 faithful readers.

I just added a song to my blog. Every once in a while, I just get the itch for change. I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing my template again, so I thought I would add a little "flare" in the form of a tune.

This particular song just makes me feel good. It gives me that satisfied, content, first cool day of fall kinda feeling. The weather is changing, there is a freshness to the air, colors seem more vivid. I get re-energized to tackle projects that I have pushed to the back burner.

And I am a sucker for guy-girl duets. I just am. Thank you Jason and Colbie.

I also love this song because I feel "Lucky" to find the lyrics to be true in my life.

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

So here is my question: Does having a song on a blog add something or distract? Is it a welcome sound to your ears, or does it annoy you while you are trying to read the latest Horvath household shennanigans? Or, do you just not care. Any feelings are valid. This is a safe place :-)


Amy said...

Well, in all honestly I don't usually care for songs playing on a blog... Usually when I am on the computer I am watching tv or talking too (because I multi task like that) BUT, I just silence the music and the problem is solved.

I do love this song though... I have never heard it and I LOVE both Jason and Colbie.

Miss you too!

julia d. hull said...

I've wondered about the same thing and I still don't know. Mainly because whenever I do go to a blog, that has music, I've already read the latest posting before the music begins to play and at that time, I like the background music and often am exposed to new music that I've never heard before. Case in point, I read this post, scrolled all the way down to see if I missed any posts and then the music started playing and I started drafting this comment. The song is now over but I enjoyed hearing it while I typed this so it wasn't a distraction. But I might feel differently if I was trying to read a post while the music was playing...I'm going to guess that my feedback wasn't very helpful at all.

Karah said...

Exactly what Amy said! I always silence music when it comes on, but I really did like that song and I hadn't heard it before either!! I love Jason! :)

Jen Price said...

Well, coming from someone's whose internet is a little slower than my US friends, I hear about 2 seconds of the song and then it stops for about 5, then it comes back.'s a little annoying. Not your song but my slow connection! Didn't even make it through to hear the whole song before reading your post.

Steve said...

Makes me want to slow dance with you baby doll :)

To answer your question- the tune is a nice touch.

Love you, SPH

Amy said...

So, Steve is pretty sweet up there with his little comment.

Lets chit chat soon..

Anonymous said...

I got to this post late and the music was no longer playing...but I'm of the "don't care much for music on a blog" camp. However, you've got me curious about this song and I'm off to listen to it. I love both Jason and Colbie and I'm sure the merging of the two is gonna be great! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Missy said...

Hi, just popped over from Janet.

I don't like the music 99% of the time. It always makes me jump and right now, I am in bed next to my sleeping husband and when some music came on earlier it made me feel very guilty I might have awoken him.

I used to have it on my blog and several of my friends emailed me to please remove it because they were reading my blog at work, and the music totally busted them!