Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Slow Metamorphosis of Seth's Room

Emphasis on the "slow".

The Horvath's always have a running list of house projects to either start or finish up.  We are not always so great at the "completion" part, but we are great at the "getting excited about starting" part!

Seth's room has been on my list for quite a while.  He got a great set of bunk beds last April from our friends Mark and Sam when their boys outgrew them. It was time to change from the nursery to a big boy's room! Seth loves bears, mostly sparked by the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?".  So I was hoping to incorporate something about bears into his room.

I found this pillow last summer at Target.  

I purchased it as my inspiration piece for the room. I like to find one thing that I like, then look around at lot's of different places to try and find things to pull together. I am not really a fan of buying all the coordinating bedding, wall hangings, curtains, etc. It is more fun to go hunting for just the right thing at just the right price. I know that probably sounds like a big fat waste of time to some folks, but that is just how I like to do things.

So the only other thing we bought from the line at Target was this.
Seth was with me, and well....the rest is history.  I mean, how cute is he?  I couldn't resist him either.  His whole belly is filled with those little bean bag beads, so he makes the perfect pillow. And I wasn't really prepared for a knock down drag out fight to get Seth's hands pried off of him.  

See what I mean? It was love at first sight!

I have been wanting to get over to Canton for First Monday Trades Days to look for some rustic things for his room. If you don't live in Texas and haven't heard of Canton....well, let's just say it is a feast for the senses. It is a HUGE flea market/craft fair with all kinds of foods to eat, live animals for sale, new stuff, old stuff. SO MUCH STUFF that it can be overwhelming. It is about 2 hours from us, and lot's of people camp out there for the weekend because you really can't see everything in one day.

Since I haven't been able to get over there yet, I have been browsing Ebay. I found several different rustic, metal signs that I liked. I showed them all to Seth and let him pick the two that he liked the best. These are the two that he picked:

I made sure to only show him the signs with "friendly" bears. Because there were some seriously mean looking bears on some of the signs. (I think those were more for Hunting cabins and not little boys rooms!)

The signs arrived in the mail on Monday, and on Tuesday he wanted to take them to school with him. I would say that he likes them!


sarah p said...

Courts, this is SO cute! I love the theme and I know you're going to rock it out and find all kinds of cool stuff. That bear is adorable! (as is the pic of Seth holding the bear)

You're a good mommy for letting him help you pick out the signs. That's really cute. He did a good job picking those two!

Hello to all the Horvaths! We love you guys!

Karah said...

SO so so so cute! Love the bear theme! Very unique and I love the idea of getting bits & pieces here & there!! can't wait to see the finished product!!

Jen Price said...

Looks like fun, Courtney! I so miss Canton trade days! We went to a farmer's market last weekend but it was so small compared to what we have in the states! Have fun gathering those treasured finds!

Amy said...

Really cute stuff.

That picture of Seth and the bear is just about too much. It makes me miss him really really bad! I need some Seth hugs!