Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trimming the Tree

Seth and I decorated the tree this afternoon.

He had a name for each ornament.  He insisted that the reindeer ornament and the Santa ornament be hung on the same branch.  
Because they belong together :-)

Seth wanted this star at the very top.

While I was taking pictures, he attempted to climb the tree in order to get the 
star to the very top.

The Horvath family tree.  It leans slightly to the left, but we love it anyway.


Karah said...

Awww how fun! I can't wait to get my Christmas decorations out - I promised myself I'd get the house clean first. LOL!!!

So did you guys survive the flight home? Is everyone feeling better? I'm SOOO glad we had a chance to see you!

sarah p said...

Such a cute tree! I love how serious Seth is, looking at the ornaments. And the picture of him stair-stepping up the tree is really funny. What a fun memory you've made! Miss you guys and can't wait to hear all about Cali!

love you!

juliadhull said...

I remember your Christmas tree from last year and I distinctly remember how it gave the living room a 'warm' and cozy feeling! Hope we get to see it again this year if we can swing by during our trip back to Dallas, I'll let you know once we have our plane tickets.