Saturday, February 28, 2009

Givin' It Up...Adding it In

So I am on day 3 of no soda.  

I hear birds chirping, the sun is shining, I am skipping around the house in an apron and singing a sweet little song.  

Well, not so much.  Day one was pretty easy.  Day one of any new "thing" is usually the easiest. You are feeling motivated and energized and ready to make changes.  

Day 2.  I had a caffeine headache and just felt really tired, unmotivated, and un-energized.  But because I know that this is a good thing, for way more than one reason, I press on.  (And don't for one second think that it didn't cross my mind that if I had one, I would have to post it on here.  You guys are great accountability!)

Day 3 - Feeling good so IS only 11:00am, but I'm feeling good!

So I have often heard that when you give something up, you better have something ready to fill up the hole that "thing" is going to leave behind. Anything that has enough of a hold on your life that you feel you have to give it up has carved a little place (some like to call it a "stronghold") that will feel a bit hollow when it is vacated.

So, because I am giving up soda partly to be more healthy, I thought I would add something that would help to push that out a bit further.

Right now, the only tv show Steve and I watch is The Biggest Loser.  We love it! And we love Jillian and Bob, the trainers.  Bob is really nice, but still tough on his team.  Jillian yells at people and makes them cry, but it is usually someone that she has trained that wins the show (and $250,000!) at the end of the season.

So I bought one of Jillian's DVDs called The 30 Day Shred.  All you have to commit is 20 minutes per day, every day, for 30 days.  So that equals 10 hours out of an entire month, and when you consider that there are 720 hours in 30 days, that doesn't sound like much!

I started doing it the same day as I gave up soda, so I am on day 3 with the video as well.  It ain't easy, but I do love that it is just 20 minutes which seems totally achievable for me.

There are three different 20 minute workouts, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  You are supposed to stay on Level 1 until you feel like it starts getting easier, then move on to Level 2, then 3. 

Needless to say, I am still on Level 1.

You know, working out with the video these three days has correlated nicely with giving up the soda.  The first day, I was pretty excited about both.  The second day, I was sore and didn't want to do it, but I did it and it felt good.  And today, it was a lot easier!

It is 20 minutes solid of work-out, no breaks, with a short warm-up before and cool-down after. All you have to have is a set of hand weights. That's it!  She alternates strength training, cardio, and abs in three 6 minute circuits.  

And it was only $8.49 on!   (Just in case you are thinking of getting it, she doesn't yell at you or make you cry on this video...)

I really need to take a video of the shenanigans that happen when I attempt to do this video while the boys are awake.  As soon as I get down on the floor to do push-ups, Caleb crawls underneath me.  When I roll over to do abs, he sits on my stomach.  Seth tries to steal my hand weights, so Steve got him cans of vegetables and Seth was attempting to do all the exercises with me.  When I stood up to do jumping jacks, Caleb tries to dash through my legs between jacks.

I tried to get Steve to do the video with me, but his response was "I'm just not a leg scissors in the air kinda guy."  That one is going down in the Horvath Classic Quotes Book.

Lastly, I am really not trying to purposefully not tell you where I am going on March 21st.  I am just composing a letter to send out to people to let them know what is going on with me, and I would like to post it on this blog as well.  I am planning on having it done by the end of the day, so hopefully it will be posted by tomorrow.  Check back and see!


Karah said...

Awesome, Courtney!!

I have that dvd too - I've been doing it for about a month now and it really does get SO much easier. Not easy at all but easier. LOL. I just moved myself to level 2 last week. *phew*. We love TBL too :)

Karah said...
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Amy said...

Go Courts!!!!

I made it to day 8 of the 30 day shred and was then over it. I was so sore though and know it was good, but I just didn't want to do it anymore. Thats that. :)

Love you....

Jen said...

That's great, Courtney! Exercise is so hard for me but that video actually sounds doable!

life with the wisners said...

ok, dude. i am SO off to purchase. see? we keep encouraging each other. our dr pepper-free days are pointing us to bigger and better things.

here here!

i am ready to be sore. ready for jillian to kick my tail. thanks for the suggestion. and i will NOT be letting my children do it with me, thankyouverymuch.

julia d. hull said...

i guess it's time to pull out my exercise videos.