Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Horvath's First Garden

I grew up on farm, so you would think I would have attempted a garden before now.  But my thumb is not the greenest, so it took some prodding from Steve to get the ball rolling.

(Here is my Dad telling Steve how far apart to dig the trenches for planting.  At first I tried to stay far away while taking photos because I knew my Dad would think I should be working and not taking pictures :-)

(Then I got braver and took pictures up-close, and I did get a look from my Dad that said, 
"What the heck are you doing?")
Just in case anyone is wondering, I did pitch in and plant all the seeds.  I just knew that neither man that was out there was going to be stopping to take my picture so I didn't even ask!
Here my Dad is getting some phosphate ready to pour into the trenches before we plant the seeds.  It stimulates root growth.  This is why it is great to have my Dad around when it is time to plant your first garden.  Who else would know about stimulating root growth??  Not I.

If you ever wanted to know, this is what green beans look like as seeds.

We planted black-eyed peas, two kinds of green beans (flat and round), okra, sweet corn, cantaloupe and squash.

Seth and Caleb were chillin on the front porch while we planted.

Everything we planted this afternoon was seed that my Dad had left over from planting in his garden.  His garden is roughly 10 times the size of ours, and we were thankful for his leftovers. But there were a few other things we wanted to try our hand at, so I made a run tonight to pick up a few extra plants.  I am hoping to get them in the ground tomorrow.

Red Pepper
Cayenne pepper and green bell pepper
Watermelon!  It is a long shot because they don't always do well here, but we will give it the old college try.
Sweet banana pepper

Some other things we would have liked to have planted would have been potatos, carrots, and tomatoes, but we waited too late to get those things in.  I think we have PLENTY to take care of for our first year.  I will try to take pictures periodically and let you know how it is going!

And this is how I felt after we were done planting!

It felt great to plant things that we will take care of, gather ourselves and that will be healthy for our family!


Karah said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to have a house where I can plant a garden. CAN'T WAIT!!

life with the wisners said...

I hate to be so superficial, but you are a BEAUTIFUL woman. So glad you're back. Wanna hang out soon?

Jen said...

Looks great! How fun it will be to see it harvest! I think you should have smudged a little dirt on your face when you took that pic of yourself! :)

sarah p said...

SO fun! i would love to have my own garden. can't wait to see the progress!

Amy said...

niiice. Planting a garden is of absolutely no interest to me. I will enjoy watching yours grow though! :)

Your dad is precious.

Greg Hull said...

I seriously love your dad's all work and no play attitude! It inspires me. I am weird. lol

Mark said...

Now I know how to leave comments. I may or may not remember how to tomorrow, so I will seize the day. Hope your garden produces bountifully, and I knew I would see Gerald in the garden pictures. (Aunt Patty)