Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Horvath Family Pool

So we went big time this year.  

This was our 2008 Horvath Family Pool:

It was great! The boys had lot's of good times in that little pool with the slide.

When it started getting hot this year, Seth asked for his yellow pool.  Unfortunately, it didn't make it through the winter.  It had cracks in it, so it would no longer hold water.

We went to look for a pool, and this same pool at Wal-Mart costs $30.  Not bad for a summer of use and helping to keep cool in the hot, humid Texas summers.

But then, I started thinking.  What if we got a bit *bigger* pool, one that we could all occasionally get in together?  Like this...

(Oh my gosh.  Someone get me a bag.  I am hyper-ventilating just looking at this picture.)

So I went to Academy, and found this little gem for $48.99.  
We did have to buy a tarp to put the pool on ($14), and also some chlorine ($5) and a little frog holder ($7) that floats and holds the chlorine tabs.  Still, overall, a great deal!

If you consider this pool, however, I would warn you that you have to position it close to an outlet because it has a pump with a filter that you plug in.  And the cord to the pump is black, so it sort of blends in with the ground.

So when you mow, you have to remember to unplug the pump and pull the cord out of the grass.  Or you MIGHT just run over the cord and rip it to shreds.  I'm not saying this from experience...I am just saying that I could see how it could very easily happen to a totally competent person.

(And if this did happen to you, wouldn't it be amazing if a friend had just recently come over and given you a brand new pump that they never got around to using last summer with the pool that they no longer have?)

See?  You could fit like 14 more people in there!
Seth practicing his mad swimming skills for swim lessons in two weeks.  The only problem is he won't take his feet off the ground.  He is pretty much walking in this picture :-)  But his head is under water!!
Seth + Daddy + Pool = Serious Happy Place


Jen said...

Looks like loads of Horvath fun is to be had this summer!

poole72002 said...

If you were to have ran over the cord with the mower and a friend brought a brand new one over the day before......that friend must be pshyic! OR she had an accident with a weed eater? Glad it all worked out! and that the pump is actually working now.

Courtney said...

She must be psychic.....AND had an accident with a weed eater :-)

juliadhull said...

Man - you totally lucked out with that psychic friend who had the weed eater accident! :o) Looks like good times, if we still lived in Texas, I could see us hanging here with ya'll! Was just thinking yesterday as I was driving home...I miss you guys!

Karah said...

how fun!! We're so spoiled to have my parents' pool right up the street - I don't know what we'll do if/when we live away from them! LOL

Love the pics! And I'm cracking up at the cord accident - totally something I would do!

Greg Hull said...

So I took on the lazy river yesterday and it felt just like that picture. It was a float to float traffic jam.

Now I want a lazy river in my back yard instead of a pool!!

Lindsay Horvath said...

Oh my gosh Courtney, that picture of all the people in the giant pool makes me want to take a shower. Can you imagine how much pee is in there? YUCK!