Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls Weekend

I have a group of girlfriends from college that I get together with a couple times per year.  As we have added husbands and children throughout the years since college, it has been increasingly more difficult to get together.  But we still make it happen because these relationships are a priority to us!

Cindy, Amy, me

It is so refreshing to be with people who have known you many years and through many seasons of life.  We always rehash old memories, tell new stories, and shake our heads at some of the decision we have all made in our lives!  But the best part of our time together is knowing that there are people who have seen you at your best and at your worst and still unconditionally love you.  

We have all had significant challenges in our lives to deal with - things we didn't expect back in college as we were looking forward to what our lives were going to be like.  I can definitely say we are all better people for those challenges, and that we have chosen not to let bitterness take root in our spirits.  And there is one simple reason for that, and we all share it in common - we recognize that we are loved completely by Jesus, the one who proves strong and unchanging in our times of weakness and despair.

I love you girls.  

(Sarah, we missed you!  Can't wait until the next get together when we can meet your new little one.  New York City anyone??)


sarah p said...

You girls are BEAUTIFUL. And I was just sick to have missed this fun weekend. I was thinking about you all weekend, wondering what fun things you were up to! We'll have to catch up this week and you can tell me all about it. Love you!

And OH YES. NYC is happening.

Jen said...

How fun that you get together. And that you make it a point to do it. You guys should definitely do NYC next!

Cindy said...

look who is commenting. amy, you are really a slacker right now if i beat you to this!! courts, that was precious and you are right. i love my girls. sarah, we missed you!!

Karah said...

That's so great that you do that - I think I take my friends for granted because most of them are right here. I really need to plan something like that :)

life with the wisners said...

Surely I've told you this before...

You are beautiful. Hair, skin, smile. Breathtaking. I hope I'm not coming across freaky. But you really are.

So glad you had such a wonderful time eith your friends. God is so good.

Rob Bethke said...

What a gorgeous blog, Court! I'm so happy for you and Steve and your boys. Seems like you've got a lot to be thankful for. And your photos are so great! Miss you :)