Saturday, November 28, 2009


For those of you who either have babies, will have babies, have friends with babies, or have grandchildren who are or will someday be babies...listen up.

I saw my friend Sarah from New Jersey very BRIEFLY (too briefly!) this past weekend, and she told me about some shoes for babies that are called Bugaloos. Keeping socks and shoes on babies is a tedious task! Bugaloos are soft soled shoes made with soft leather that have elastic around the ankles in order to keep them on babies' feet. They have really cute designs and are also extremely affordable compared to other brands of soft soled baby shoes (that I will refrain from mentioning).

How cute are those with the little tree and birdie? From what I saw on the website, every pair is $14.99 and if you buy three pairs, shipping is free.

And one of the best things about purchasing these little shoes is that 5% of their profits go to support the International Justice Mission which is an organization that fights sex trafficking of women and children around the world. So you can get a sweet little pair of shoes and know that at least some of your money is going to a very worthwhile endeavor.

I am pretty sure Tristen needs a pair of these:

Or maybe these....
Oh, but these are so cute, too!!
Great gift idea for a baby shower or Christmas!!!


blissful_e said...

LOVE THESE!! I gave away all my R----e and was wishing I hadn't... but hey, now I get to go shopping all over again and these are less expensive and cuter! How great is that??!

Anonymous said...

I hope I can remember this for later. Much later :)