Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goldmine (Or "Boo-ya", as Steve wanted it titled)

I went by the Salvation Army today - partly because I was in the neighborhood and partly because I had some time to kill while waiting to pick Caleb up from preschool.

Lo and behold - it was 50% off all clothing today! I do not usually find anything for myself at thrift stores, but Steve LOVES thrift store shirts (the trendy term would be "vintage"). And Caleb and Seth are 5 and 3, and it is great to find them play clothes there for cheap. I can send them outside and not bat an eye when they come in with rust, dirt, trampoline grime, sand, mud and grass stains on them.

Today, I found 4 shirts for Seth and 1 shirt for Steve, and the grand total (including tax) was $6.98!

(After I had posted these pictures, I realized how wrinkly the shirts were. I sort of wanted to go and tumble the shirts in the dryer and re-take the pictures. I then realized how silly that was, and decided to just make note of the fact that I KNOW they are wrinkled instead. It somehow makes me feel better. :-)


Jen said...

Oh, man! Wish I would've gone! I want to buy some "vintage" sheets and try to make a dress for Emma Grace. Where is the closest Salvation Army to you?

Courtney said...

The nearest Salvation Army is on Avenue K in Plano, just south of Spring Creek and right across the street from Sam's.

julia d. hull said...

So, about 2 weeks ago, I hit up that Goodwill that you and I went to when you visited. Found a bunch of clothes for me and Nathan. Got one for Greg cause I know how he is about 'resale' clothes. I show it to him at home and ask do you like it? And his response was "Yeah, I guess. But can we wash it?" Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon the same sale up here and got some Thanksgiving decor for $2.16!!!! I love a good bargain!