Sunday, November 15, 2009

On the Porch

Our kids love hanging out on our front porch. Today, as Steve and Seth left for a birthday party and Tristen snoozed inside, Caleb and I spent a little time on the ol' front porch.

I took all of these shots within about 3 minutes, and I love how many different facial expressions he made in that small amount of time. I was catching pictures between times of him picking up rocks and dirt and throwing them over and over. Boys :-)


sarah p said...

My favorite is the one where he's inspecting the stick. So serious. I just want to munch on those cheeks! I think he's looking a lot more like Seth these days.

Audrey has made it into the 5 o'clock hour two nights in a row. I'm hoping this is a new sleeping pattern for her. I can deal with that!

Karah said...

I thought I commented on this the other day but I guess I didn't hit submit!

I. Love. These.

What a perfect series of photos. Gorgeous!!