Saturday, November 7, 2009

We're Makin' Cookies

That is what Steve and Seth sing on Saturday mornings when they partake in their new father-son tradition.
"We're Ma-kin' Coo-kies!"

A few Saturday's ago, Steve decided that he was going to make cookies from scratch with Seth. Their first attempt was oatmeal raisin.

Seth looks like the cooking equivalent of the mad scientist in this next picture...

He really loves that mixer!

The next Saturday, they made Thumbprint cookies. When Steve told me he was going to make these, I had never eaten one in my life. So I was a bit skeptical.

I am no longer skeptical. Yum-my. They are a shortbread type cookie with raspberry preserves in the middle.

They made peanut butter cookies a few Saturday's ago, but I didn't get any pictures. I am glad they have this fun new tradition to share together!


julia d. hull said...

Awww, that's really cool. And it's cool to see the series of pictures of them making the thumbprint cookies. Good stuff right there!

Anonymous said...

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sarah p said...

I see the Viagra company really likes Steve's cookies too! =)

What a fun tradition for Daddy and son...that's right up my alley. Looks like Seth is having a blast! I love thumbprint cookies too. They are yum.

Great pictures! I'm loving all of your posts!

Oh, and a little birdie delivered your package the other day. SO cute! Thank you so much. Your official thank you is coming soon.

steve horvath said...

Who knew baking could be so much fun? :)