Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Understanding Heart

A while back, we got a call from Seth's school that we would want to make plans to attend the next assembly because Seth would be receiving an award! The whole school crowds into the gym (and I mean "CROWDS", with parents lining all walls and people spilling out into the hallway...) They have an assembly every 6 weeks, and it is for school spirit, to make announcements, and to honor kids for different things.

The school counselor has an award with a different theme every 6 weeks. This time, it was for having an Understanding Heart. They award one child from each class, and Mr. Gomez chose Seth! (They mentioned that the award to work for the next 6 weeks was being Neat and Organized. Hmm.

No one in the Horvath family would win that one... :-)

Seth getting his award

Love these smiles!

Getting tired of Mommy taking pictures and me motioning for him to smile...
Happy with Daddy!
Happy with Mommy!
We are proud of you Seth!


Amy Bottomly said...

This post made me cry. Seth does have an understanding heart... Sweet Sweet SETH!

And an understanding heart is way more important than being neat and organized. :)

Congrats SETHY!
Love Auntie Amy

Heather said...

Awww! You can just see the pride in his face. What a confidence builder! And one of Seth's favorite things: a necklace (he he)The award certainly does fit him well. So proud of you Seth! We parents just love to see our kids recognized for their good qualities. Love it!

Sarah said...

Sweet Seth! Congratulations! We love your heart.

The picture of him staring into the camera is adorable. He is getting so big! (and so handsome!!)

Love you all. Miss you guys mucho.

Heather said...

Please tell Seth we are very proud of him.


Uncle Bubba

Carole said...


You are more and more beautiful.
what a lovely family you have. You seem so happy. What a joy to know that I get to enjoy a teenie-tiny bit of your life. You are truly a wonderful example of joy.
And if you aren't, don't let me know. It is great to see you.

Peace and love,
Carole Wright


Jen said...

Oh, is that what Steve found in the chair cushion the other night? Congratulations, Seth!

Anonymous said...

Seth, we are so proud of you! It is so much fun to see the pictures of you getting your award. Love your happy smiles and your understanding heart!
Love you,
Nana and Papa

We are... said...

I love what Amy said, having an understanding heart is way more important than being neat and organized. :)
Way to go Seth!
And way to go Seth's parents for doing so great in the hardest job in life!