Monday, December 20, 2010

Coonskin Cap

Seth had Pioneer Day at school not too long ago. He was supposed to wear a costume, and they were set to do all sorts of neat projects like making soap, candles and butter.

I discovered that making a Pioneer Day costume for a girl would have been pretty simple (long skirt, apron, bonnet) but it was a little trickier for a boy. They wore knickers and knee socks and ruffly white shirts with those tri-cornered hats.

Steve came up with the idea of a coonskin cap to represent the more "adventurous and rugged" pioneer. I went in search of one (because of course at this point, there was not enough time to order one off the internet. We Horvath's always do things in a timely manner...)

I found one at a costume shop for $25.


I found one at Party City that was definitely made of some type of funky synthetic material but still resembled the dead animal that it is named for. Price tag - $8.95.

Much better!

Of course, when mom wants to take more than 2 pictures, we start doing things like this...


Sarah said...

Sweet Seth. He is one beautiful child. I miss you guys. Very much! Merry Christmas to the Horvaths!!

Amy Bottomly said...

Love Seth!!!!!! Like the red and the new font change too. I need a blog makeover badly.