Friday, January 28, 2011

Partial Progress, Killing Brain Cells and Your Opinions Wanted

Catchy title, huh?

I made partial progress on the kitchen yesterday. I primed the cabinets inside and out but did not get to the doors yet. As I said before, I am having to use oil based primer because the cabinets were previously painted with an oil based paint.

Which brings me to killing brain cells...

The quality of this stuff is great. I can tell it is covering well and evenly, and I got it during Sherwin William's preferred customer 30% off sale (which lasts until the 31st!).
Don't be too jealous - they will let anyone become a preferred customer as long as you give them your email address.

But the smell...good golly miss molly. I had doors and windows open, and I still had a headache most of the day yesterday that is still lingering this morning. I have used oil based primer before, but only in the great outdoors. And it was totally bearable outside. The worst was having to stick my head way inside the cabinets to paint the back walls and corners.


So I thought I would ask your opinion on a few things. We have these copper screens on 4 drawer fronts and one corner cabinet door. They are the same color as the door hardware, which we will be spray painting oil rubbed bronze (looks almost black).

Should we paint these white to blend in with the cabinets or oil rubbed bronze to match the door hardware?

This is a piece of trim above the sink. I think it looks very "country" to me. I would prefer a clean, straight trim. But this would require cutting it out, repairing the wall on each side where it is attached, and figuring out something else to put in its place. Thoughts? Ideas?

If you look closely in the above picture, you can see that right in the center is the old cabinet color and to each side is the new white primer. Such a difference! The final color is going to be similar to the white primer.

I am off to kill a few more brain cells...wish me luck!


Jen said...

I love the contrast of those screens against the white so I would say the same color as the hardware. You could always cut out that piece if you don't like it.

Courtney said...

When Jeremy was over the other day, he said we would have to put something there in its place if we cut it out. So I am not sure what that would look like?

Heather said...

Ok, you asked for it! I say if you must leave the screen in the drawer paint it the darker contrast color. But I agree with Jen, something completely different for that kitchen would be great. Maybe you could buy a sheet of very thin plyboard to nail behind them, then paint it??

As for the trim above the sink, I never cared for it either. I say take it out and leave it. I think it would open up that area. I don't remember what it looks like exactly but could you install trim up the cabinets and across the top?

I suggest you go to Lowe's and look at their kitchen models.

BTW - I am so impressed you have the energy to post about this WHILE you are doing it!!

Anonymous said...

oops. sorry. i did not mean to say you have to put something back. you can do anything you want. i don't know if it crossed my mind to leave it open.
it might be easier to replace with another piece, but won't know until you take it out and access damage.
looking good.
I say if you don't like it, rip it out! if you need help, let me know.

Heather said...

BTW - good luck!!

Heather said...

Check this out and see if you like it:

Courtney said...

Heather, I like that last link you posted. But once the cabinet doors are re-installed, they almost go all the way up to the painted wall. So I couldn't put a piece of uniform trim all the way across. Good idea though!

Sarah said...

I think the screens should be the same color as the hardware. I like the contrast.

As for the piece above the sink: I say tear it down. I think it would look completely different and more modern if you put up a straight edge.

I recently found this blog and it has been a great resource for house projects for us. See if they have anything in it for cabinets. I'm sure they have something in there. Or it may give you some ideas...

Can't wait to see the final product!

Courtney said...

Girl, I am all over that blog already! I actually contacted her a few weeks ago about painting my kitchen cabinets and she replied within like 10 minutes...which made me love her even more. I was wanting to know how her kitchen cabinets had held up after painting them with oil based primer then latex on top of that. She said they have been great!

Is it weird that I sort of felt like I had gotten an email from a celebrity? And then I opened up a magazine in my house and her and her husband are in it! Then I felt justified in being so excited about her responding to my comment :-)

blissful_e said...

OK, I've never been in your house (though it looks lovely from the pictures!) so I'm only guessing from the photo.

Since that 'country' trim is wider than the trim right next to it (on the right, looking at the picture), would there be a way to get a little saw in there and cut the wavy parts off the trim you don't like until they are the same width and straight like the piece next to it?

I think the other option is to remove the piece completely where the wavy part is, but then you'll have to do something about the half-inch round that's running perpendicular between the 'country' trim and the window. But that's removable, too, I'm sure.

Personally I think it would look best if you could just trim down the wavy part so it's straight, but still leave some of it. Makes it look nice and finished all the way across, with less focus on the blank sides of your kitchen cabinets.

I'm sure whatever you end up with will look awesome. You guys have a great design aesthetic.

Heather said...

Courtney, I was thinking more about the drawer panels and have decided I DO like the metal mesh on them. I think they will look a ton better by painting them a fresh dark color.

Also, I found another picture you might like:
I think this works (without trim across the top of the window) because there is trim along the ceiling. See what you think...I hope it's going well!

Courtney said...

I really like that picture you linked to, Heather! My only problem is that when the cabinet doors are reinstalled, I don't think there is any room for trim between the tops of the doors and the "lip" of that wall that is painted above.

I am planning on installing trim along the ceiling (there is crown moulding all around the rest of the room, just not along this kitchen ceiling.) But that won't really help this issue. I think we are going to tear it out this week, then I will post some more pictures of what it looks like. Maybe that will give people a better idea!

Thanks for all the ideas!