Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Courtney + Cell Phones + Water = No Good

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Maybe I just shouldn't own a cell phone. Yesterday, I had my third water-related incident with a cell phone. This girl just can't catch a break!

Incident #1 - About three years ago, I was wearing a jacket and my phone was in the pocket. I was helping one of the kids take a bath, and I leaned over and....yep, my phone fell in the bathtub. Phone was DOA.

Incident #2 - A couple years ago when Caleb was two, we had a kiddie pool in the backyard for them. I was watching the boys swim, and I had my cell phone sitting on the arm of my chair. I got up to help Seth with something, and Caleb, all stealth like, slipped out of the pool and grabbed my phone. I noticed that he had it, and I yelled something like, "Drop that phone right now!" So he did, right into the pool. After that, phone wouldn't hold a charge well, and would just turn off randomly when it felt like it, including in the middle of calls.

Incident #3 (yesterday) - We had the slip-n-slide set up and the boys were playing. I was waiting on a call, so I had my phone in my hand. (I am now using Steve's old iPhone which is the nicest phone I have ever had in my possession. Probably a bad idea.) The boys started fighting, which led to one of them karate kicking the other, and I was walking (quickly) toward them to intervene. I stepped in a hole in the yard, turned my ankle, fell, and the phone launched into the air and landed....straight into the pool of water at the end of the slip-n-slide.

From where I sat, in pain, on the ground, I was able to quickly scoop the phone out of the water. I tossed it to Steve and said, "Help!" This was supposed to be translated as, "Help me and dry this phone off as quickly as possible!!" But, because he is the chivalrous sort, he immediately tossed the phone over by my chair and came over to "Help!" me up. I exclaimed, "No, not me - the phone! Dry the phone!" I am sure this would have been a humorous 30 seconds of chaos to witness as a bystander.

This time around, the phone works, but it thinks there is a headset plugged in at all times. Not sure if this is from the water or from the bowl of rice I plunged the phone into to help the drying out process. I am crossing my fingers that some compressed air will clear the jack input and I can talk normally on the phone again. Right now, I have to use ear buds to answer the phone....argh.


Jen said...

Hope you're not injured! Jeremy jumped into a pool with my phone in his pocket back in Jan. I got a hand me down iPhone which was not a good idea. I don't think I can use anything else now!

Heather said...

Maybe it's not the cell phones you need to stay away from. Maybe it's just plain water - LOL! I can't believe you had yet another incident. Glad you can find the humor in it though. That would have been somethin' to witness your asking for help with the phone instead of your foot. Hope you're ankle gets better soon!

blissful_e said...

LOL! "Drop that phone right now!" Famous last words... Maybe you need one of those glam necklace attachments so your phone stays above water.

I had a co-worker in a cubicle office environment who left his phone ringtone on max volume, his phone on his desk, and was never at his desk. My boss, who sat across from me, and I didn't even know what he looked like. But this guy received dozens of calls per day on his unattended phone.

One day, while leaving his phone on his desk, this guy also left a steaming mug of coffee. My boss came in and was surveying the situation when the phone suddenly started ringing. Into the coffee went the phone, and we all lived happily ever after.

TxSizeHull said...

Perhaps you should be quarantined to the 'phone headset' the little earpiece that people wear, in your case it would stay attached to your head...and it's soooo you, after all. Bwahhaaa! And your flip video camera - not a phone but same scenario!