Monday, June 20, 2011

Seth's Guitar Lessons

Steve just started giving Seth guitar lessons. Seth has natural musical talent (handed down from his father and grandfather) and he also has a really good memory (which comes in handy when remembering notes for songs). What he does not have is a lot of internal motivation to practice!

Getting him to practice usually begins with a lot of protesting and phrases like, "I'm tired" or "I'm busy right now."

But once he gets started playing, he always enjoys the music he is beginning to produce and even asks to play additional songs. He is learning Happy Birthday and a couple of Taylor Swift songs.

Steve is a really good teacher, and it is fun to see them beginning this musical journey together!

The guitar he is using is called a Washburn Rover travel acoustic guitar. It is the perfect size for Seth, who just turned 7. He received it as a gift from our friend Beth who was heading off to college last fall and didn't have a use for it anymore. Thanks again for the wonderful gift Beth!

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TxSizeHull said...

THESE are the SWEETEST pictures ever Courtney! For so many reasons. Love it.