Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seth's Twinkle Twinkle

Summer is in full swing around here. Staying up later, sleeping in later. We had a big 7th birthday bash for Seth last weekend, and this past Monday we began swimming lessons four days per week for two weeks.

I am just now getting around to wading through our California vacation photos, so West Coast family members - hold on! California pics are coming soon.

Seth has been busy practicing his guitar 15 minutes per day with his dad. He says he wants to sing and play on a big stage someday (big dreams!) so we remind him it takes hard work to achieve that kind of dream. Just a few weeks ago, he didn't like to play his guitar in front of anyone but us. It is so cool to see how his confidence has already grown! Yesterday, we had family pictures taken, and he even played a song for our photographer Sabrina.

For anyone out there who has ever had a dream to learn an instrument, you can make a lot of progress in only 15 minutes per day!

Here is a little video I shot of him practicing yesterday. I love how our dog Jake cruises through and sits down to listen to Seth play!


Jen said...

Great job, Seth!

Anonymous said...

Seth, we love listening to you play the guitar and sing! Keep up the practicing. You are getting better and better.
Love you, Papa and Nana