Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California Swim Party: Seth's Birthday Part 3

And the birthday saga continues.  The day after Disneyland, Grammi and Grandpa invited the whole Horvath family over for a swim party for Seth.  

Caleb even got in on the present opening action (his birthday is a month after Seth's).


Caleb trying out one of Seth's presents from Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary.

Uncle Chris got the workout of the year when the kids started asking him to throw them into the pool.  I think he threw each of them at least 10 times.

This tall guy (Steve's cousin Nick) was the bell ringer at our wedding almost 10 years ago!

"That wasn't flying!  That was falling...with Style!"

Name that movie quote...

I was so proud of Seth for wanting to be thrown so high!

Steve letting himself be subjected to abuse by the children.

Barely controlled chaos!  
Thanks again Grammi and Grandpa for hosting the great party!

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