Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seth's 7th Birthday: Part 1

When Seth woke up on June 11th in sunny southern California, he knew it was going to be a great day. It was his 7th birthday, and this boy loves birthdays!  But he didn't know that we had a big surprise in store for him...

Grandpa and Grammi had a HUGE cupcake and a balloon ready for him when he got up.

He got to eat a cupcake for breakfast.  Best way to start a birthday!

Grammi is a teacher, and one of her former student's that she has stayed connected to has a Dad that works at Disneyland.  He and his wife were wonderful and gracious enough to help our family visit Disneyland on Seth's birthday.  Employees can sign in up to 3 people (for free!) on certain days of the year, and then his wife helped us buy the one additional ticket we needed at a discount.  So altogether, we saved over $330 because of this sweet family (that doesn't even know us!)  We definitely would not have been able to go experience this fun day otherwise.

Grammi typed up a letter for him to open that morning with the big news!

This trip to Disneyland certainly made quite an impact on is one month later, and today he was looking at the Disneyland map we brought home and listing off all the rides we went on!  It is truly a magical place!

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