Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons

This was our 5th year to do swimming lessons with Ms. Janet.  5 years ago, Seth was officially enrolled as a two year old and Caleb was "technically" in swim lessons (although he was still inside my stomach and had not made his debut yet).

Clearly, Caleb is either needing more sleep or was using the old "I'm bored and yawning, please don't make me do anything else I don't like to do today." 

If I had a little girl, she would have ruffles on her bum just like this.  So cute.

Caleb was offering a friendly nudge to his neighbor...

All it takes is one bad experience on the diving board, and kids are no longer a fan.  This particular day, Caleb had a long swim after one of his jumps and swallowed some water.  He was no longer enamored with the board.

Look at the kills me.

Seth is clapping to cheer him on.  Caleb was also stalling big time on the board, so Seth is wanting him to get going as well.  :-)

Conquering fear!

There is nothing better than learning to swim during a Texas summer.  Acquiring new skills and beating the heat at the same time!

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Megan P said...

Ms. Janet gives the best swim lessons!