Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Allen Splash Park

I have been fully immersed in Vacation Bible School for the last few weeks. I was in charge of the music portion and we had 370 kids attend for five straight nights.  Crazy fun, and then this girl was crazy tired!  Now it is time to get back into the swing of things, gear up for the school year, and get back to blogging.

These were taken several weeks ago.  We have a local (free!) splash park that we took the boys to one morning.  Alas, I cannot take credit for these pictures.  Mr. Horvath took them.

They love getting under this wall of water.  These fountains go on and off on a timer, so it is always a mad dash for the kids to get back under there once they click back on!

Caleb had to warm up to this one.  He doesn't naturally love water spraying in his face, but once he tentatively tried it out a couple of times, he was hooked!

This splash park stuff is serious business.  


TxSizeHull said...

Tell that Mr. of yours that I am in awe - as in AWESOME pictures as usual! He is so talented and yet so modest...similar to another Mr. I know. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you still do shoot scenes :)?