Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to School...

Last year, I took an Intermediate Photography class to learn more about my camera.  I felt like so much of my photography was good luck and not necessarily because I really knew what I was doing.  I was pretty famous for hitting the wrong button, making everything come out blue, and having to yell for Steve to "fix it!!"

I had always planned on going back and taking the Advanced Photography class, but life got in the way.  I just signed up for it and have gone to the first two classes.  They are on Wednesday nights, so it is a nice little creative escape in the middle of my week.  

This is a Continuing Education class at my local community college, which basically means it is all adults.   It also means that it is a shortened class, not an entire semester.  So it only lasts 6 weeks, which I personally think is a great amount of time to be able to commit to something without it getting to that point where life is overwhelming and you wish you could quit!

Our first week's assignment was "Portraits".  We had to bring in 5 portraits: two with natural light, two with artificial light, and the last could be either one we wanted.  The professor loads all our images up on his computer then displays them, one by one, on the big projector screen and everyone gives feedback.  Positive and negative.  Yikes.  I got that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach as I was walking up the stairs to attend class.  Photography is kind of like singing or playing an instrument - it is a personal thing!  

These are the 5 portraits I took last weekend and submitted for my assignment...

I have some pretty cute subjects!  

This week's assignment: 2 Macro photos and 2 Still Life photos.  Feels good to have some homework!  (I am sure my 16 year old self would be cringing right now to hear me say that...)


Elisa | blissfulE said...

Scrolling through, I was like, "nice picture, nice one... then I had to laugh so much when muddy Seth came into view! Oh, and I just love Caleb's dimple, too. :)

This is way better than any high school homework!

Jen said...

Love your portraits, especially Seth's muddy face! You have a lot more homework than I did!