Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Blues

A few people have asked me if Charlie still has blue eyes.  Sometimes puppies start out with blue eyes, sort of like babies, and then they change to brown as they get a little older.

But we still got the baby blues at 11 weeks old!

We love our little Charlie.  She is a great puppy, and she has been especially good for our yellow lab Jake.  He needed a doggy companion.

But just in case anyone out there is debating a puppy and you need a good dose of reality, so far today, I have caught her eating...

 Painter's tape, a piece of wooden train track, socks, shoes, a kleenex box, a throw pillow,
a matchbox car, a puzzle box, a drum stick and a DVD box.
And the night is still young.

Of course, we still think puppies are worth all the work!  I mean, it is pretty fun to see this little face in the mornings...

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Karah said...

Seriously ... cutest puppy EVER!!!