Monday, February 27, 2012

A Boy and his Dog

Miss Charlie is growing up fast.

She is starting to look a little like a lanky pre-teen.

People always stop us at the park where we take the dogs for walks and ask what kind of dog she is.  Several people have thought she was a Saint Bernard.  We are crossing our fingers that she won't get THAT big!

She is definitely a "herder" (both collies and australian shepherds are herding dogs, and she is a mix of those breeds and something else that is unknown, so maybe Saint Bernard, too!).  She likes to herd the boys when they run around the backyard, so we have to correct her on nipping at their heels.  

We watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer where they took a herding type breed who had always been a family pet to a working ranch.  Within 5 minutes, the dog had successfully corralled an entire herd of sheep and he had never been around a single sheep in his life!  

It is so interesting to me to learn about what your dog is bred for and what their natural instincts are, even if they are a "custom" breed (or Heinz 57 variety) like Charlie!  


Sarah said...

Oh Charlie...I must meet you. You are gorgeous! Those eyes! That fur!

I love these pictures. She looks like she's being goosed in almost every shot. Her eyes are so expressive! Sweet girl.

And Seth? Forget it. You're even cuter than Charlie.

Miss you guys SO much!

Karah said...

Ahem. You are neglecting your blog, missy. ;)