Sunday, January 27, 2008

Climbing, Climbing, Climbing

It is official. We have a climber on our hands.

Caleb just turned 18 months, and the world is his jungle gym. I was hit by a stomach bug/food poisoning (not sure which it officially was) on Thursday night, so Husband-of-the-Year Steve got Seth ready and took him to school while I laid on the couch trying not to think about the potentially undercooked salmon I had eaten the night before. Caleb was parked in front of the tv by Mother-of-the-Year (but I think I catch a break for using the tv as a babysitter when I am sick) and I accidentally dosed off. When I opened my eyes I found him standing

We have also

Oh, the carefree life of a toddler that has no idea of the pain he will be in for if Mom or Dad are not there to rescue him one of these days. If he is really unlucky, he will catch Seth on a bad day, and Seth just MIGHT be curious to see what happens if he gives Caleb just a little push off one of his high perches.


Steve said...

Great job on the blog babe! I love reading it. Love you, SPH

Karah said...


Ohhh girl. I feel your pain. The line I repeat to myself the most often is "if I don't see them do it, they'll be fine." Because inevitably the minute I look, that's when they fall. LOL.

Are you feeling better? Being sick SUCKS but is a million times worse when you have kids. LOL.

Amy said...

Cute little Climber Caleb! So fun seeing you this past weekend... Good times. SIlas misses his friends Seth and Caleb..... he mostly misses Seth since Caleb was too cool for school to play.

Sarah said...

Ok, your labeled photos made me laugh. I love it! Boy, that Caleb is fearless, huh? That's hilarious/scary as heck. Wonder if Jackson will be a climber?

We'll miss you this week! I can't wait until this summer!!!!

Drew Miller said...


Your blog site looks great! Sorry I am just visiting it now! I will forward the site to Amy. She will enjoy the pictures... they are excellent! The boys are handsome and GROWING! Wow! It is fun to see them and hear a bit about what you've been up to. Amy is due to have Same on April 18. We are thrilled (and a bit scared)!

Blessings to you, Steve, and the boys!