Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Steve Post

Steve started a new blog, and he has already put me to shame by posting 4 times in 2 days. You can check it out HERE.

He has also been saving up for a new electric guitar (his other electric is about 10 years old, which just makes me feel old because it was almost brand new when I met him!) and we went and picked "her" up last night. For those that aren't used to the gear talk, guitars are always girls, just like boats and cars.

So the plan was that he was going to get the new guitar at Guitar Center because he had about $150 in gift cards there. However, Sunday, he just happened to look on Craigslist and there she was...the exact guitar he wanted, about a year old and hardly played, and the price tag was $125 cheaper. (My friend Sarah sings the praises of Craigslist on her blog, so if you want to know more about it, click on her name and go check it out.)

So the guy that owns the guitar (for those that care...it is a Gibson Les Paul in vintage Mahogany...my husband is going to be so proud of me for knowing all that) agreed that he would take cash + the guitar center cards, which was really nice of him.  But it probably means he was just excited that he wouldn't have to hand over all the cash from the sale of the guitar to his wife - he would HAVE to spend those gift cards on more guitar gear.  This is the way that the twisted minds of musicians work.  ANYWAY...He lives south of Dallas and they arranged to meet in Arlington at 7:30pm last night.  Being the supportive wife that I am (read...I had been home with the kids by myself all day and thought staying at home all night with them alone didn't sound like the deal of the century) I put the kids in their pj's and we loaded up to make the hour drive over to Arlington.

Now, I hope I don't have any Arlington readers to offend, but I haven't heard the nicest things about the town.  Sure, they have Six Flags and the Ballpark at Arlington, but the town is just old, sort of run-down, and isn't known to be the safest of places.  So we pull up to this old Guitar Center, which is sort of secluded in this weird off the beaten path area, and we park to wait for the guitar guy to come.  I asked Steve, "So did he tell you what he looked like?"  Steve says, "Fat and bald with a goatee."  When the guy pulls up in an old police car, my danger radar immediately goes off.  I mean, who drives an old police car?  Are you even supposed to drive those?  Seemed sort of shady.  Then, he gets out of the car, and he should have described himself as HUGE (I am guessing in the 350 lb. range) with a shaved head and a 10 inch goatee. So I panicked a little inside, because there are also 2 other large people in the car, and I am picturing them showing Steve the guitar, Steve pulling out the money, someone punching Steve, and them taking off with the guitar.

So I say to Steve, "Are you sure you're ok?" (like he is going to just stay in the car with his wife) and he looks at me with this funny look and gets out.  Then they went inside with the guitar to use an amp to play it, and I was stuck in the ghetto, dark parking lot with the boys in the back seat.  So I did what any girl would do...I locked the doors and I called my Mommy.  What she was going to do from an hour away tucked inside her warm, safe house neither of us was sure, but it felt better to be on the phone with her then to just sit and stare at all the people walking around in head to toe black in the parking lot.

****Side Note**** I do confess to being a random car-door-locker.  And by that, I mean that we will be driving down the road and see someone that looks like this:

Or this:

and I reach over and lock the doors. It drives Steve crazy because automatic locks are so loud and he is convinced that people can hear it outside the car...

So of course, the guy was super nice and I shouldn't have worried about anything  He even sent a follow-up thank you email to Steve today talking about what a pleasant transaction it was and how he appreciated Steve showing up on time, etc.  I am such a judger.

And here is Steve with the new girl in the house...


Karah said...


That was SO funny. hahaha. Glad Steve got his "girl" - but LOL about locking the doors and calling your mommy. That's hilarious :)

Sarah said...

Laughed out loud at those two pics that you posted on your blog. I wasn't too far off with my assumption on Steve's blog! =)

That's a hilarious story.

I've started locking my doors now the minute I get in the car - I feel safer that way. Last time my parents were in town, we were driving downtown. We came up to a stoplight and there was a homeless guy with a sign. My dad (not so discreetly) reaches over to lock the doors while we're right next to him. Nice. I always think that other people can hear it, too.

Steve said...

Babe, that made me literally laugh out loud. Nice description of the evening...very nice.