Saturday, February 16, 2008

Funny Comment on "Potty Talk"

This post is actually a comment that I received on my "Potty Talk" post from my funny hubbie Steve. It is more great stuff to look forward to when potty training! Enjoy....

"The other thing that is so fun about potty training is that when you want them to use the potty they don't, and when you are in a situation and you need them to just go in their pull-up, they create a scene. Example: In December, Seth and I were flying to CA. We are just getting airborne, the captain tells us to keep our butts in our seats, and the seat belt sign is on. Then Seth starts. Daddy, Potty. It's ok Seth, just go in your pull up, we will change it later. Seth now getting louder: Daddy, Potty! Potty! I Whisper, Seth, it is ok, just use your diaper. Daddy, Potty Please! Here Seth, here are some crayons. Do you want to color? Potty! Potty! Pee pee in Potty! You want to watch a movie on Daddy's lap top? Potty! Potty! Dude...use your diaper. People are starting to look and stare...or at least in my head! Talk about nerve wracking. There is a fine line between bad experiences and good stories!"


sarah p said...

never mind...i just saw that you DID link the blog. i'm off to watch it.


Karah said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, I so feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

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