Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-CHI hair

Well, my good buddy Sarah P. asked me to post pictures of what my hair looks like after using my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo and Conditioner and CHI flat iron. So here is my hair Pre-CHI...I just took a shower and let my hair air dry. It does its own, funky wavy thing when it is not purposely tamed.

And here it is Post-CHI:

And here it is Post-CHI frontal view:

And here it is, Post-CHI and Post-Goth Girl Photoshop Make-over (just for fun, I promise I didn't dye my hair black, Mom):

Oh, and in my last post, I gave Amy a shout out for helping to introduce me to the beautiful world of CHI flat irons, and she said that she was pretty sure she should have gotten a shout out for the Paul Mitchell shampoo as well (she did tell me recently that she used to use it). So Amy, here is your corrected and expanded shout out, girl! (Even though, to be honest, what REALLY swayed me to the Paul Mitchell was the price tag and not Amy's recommendation :-) I actually really wanted the Redken products but they were significantly more expensive!!)


Amy said...

Thanks and Thanks for the shout(s).

Your hair looks lovely with your new CHI flatiron. I think your hair looks pretty cute wavy too. I also think you look pretty with a tinge of black or dark hair.
All in all, I just think you are pretty.

A pretty Courtney.

Cindy said...

love the hair, love the shoes, love the shirt...don't change a thing. really, that is amazing what a little flat iron can do. i am thinking a little hair style would do cinders right too. loved seeing pics of you and your cute self, or as amy says pretty. you are pretty...oh so pretty...oh so pretty and whitty and gay. (it's a song peeps...don't get worried)

just read steves political blog. interesting. we'll have to chat about it some time. love to the horvaths!! cindy

Karah said...

Wooohoo, hottie! :) I couldn't live without my flat iron (although I don't have a chi - I wish! LOL).