Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fort Worth Zoo

We took the boys to the Fort Worth Zoo for half-price Wednesday.  Here we are about to embark upon our adventure.  I am reading the map (I love maps!), Seth and Caleb are ready to go, and Steve is taking pictures.  A typical Horvath adventure!

Caleb being serious (and cute) as he observes the animals.

Seth was very excited about all the animals.  Here we are checking out the zebras.

It looks like we are REALLY  close to this amazing white tiger.  However, if you look closely, you can see two faint black vertical stripes on the picture which were the bars that Steve was taking the picture through.  This was a HUGE, beautiful animal.

I love monkeys.  Or is it an ape?  (Anyone seen that Silly Song on Veggie Tales?  If not, that comment will not really make much sense.  Just for the record, I know that this is an Orangutan)

Steve and Seth enjoying the view.
This animal just proves that God has a sense of humor.  
Caleb is over the zoo.  He would rather chew on the stroller.  He was showing serious signs of being the pesky little brother during this outing.  When Seth would ride in the stroller, Caleb would put his feet on the back of Seth's seat and push and kick.  He kept taking Seth's hat off of his head and even pulled his hair a couple of times.

I love this picture!  Flamingos are crazy looking animals for several reasons.  Their legs bend backwards at the knees instead of forwards, they sleep standing up on one leg, and they bury their beaks all the way down under their feathers.

All in all, a great family outing!  Even better because we only stayed about 3 hours, which was enough time to see all the animals but wasn't long enough to wear out the adults to the point of getting grouchy!  

What fun outings have you been on with your friends or family lately?


Amy said...

ooh an interactive blog question. You are steppin' it up Horvath. Before I answer your question I need to say that the pictures are amazing as usual. Silas and Caleb have similar reactions towards the zoo. Silas does not quite get it yet...we went a few weeks ago and he was over it within about 30 minutes.

What outings have we been on? Today we took an exciting trip to Shawnee, Oklahoma to have profesh pictures taken by that Dejah Quinn you told me about. Thats good stuff, oh and we went to a park.

gabriel said...

Steve went with you guys to the zoo? On Wednesday? The day after back-to-back international conferences? Where the night before most everyone was up to midnight? And he took you to the ZOO!!! (He even took pictures!)

Wow! I hope you gave him some appreciation for that. I would have been aggravated at even the suggestion that we go to the zoo on the day after all that.

Cool outings... hmmm... When we were in Tennessee we visited Cumberland Caverns, which was pretty cool. I still need to post those pictures. As we left, all our kids wanted to be geologists. Just before that, we visited Rock Island State Park. It has a really rocky area after a dam with some gentle rapids. It's a blast to swim in. But... "NO. You CAN'T go swimming. It's TOO COLD." (We'll have to go back some time.)

I love you guys!

Karah said...

What awesome pictures!!!!! That looks like so much fun - I really need to take the kids to the zoo again. :) LOL at Caleb kicking and picking at Seth - I can relate.

sarah p said...

Courts, I LOVE these pictures! The one of Caleb focusing on the animals is precious...and I love the one of you and Seth together. Beautiful, as always!

Outings for us? Um, on Saturday, we ventured out to a local bakery that we were wanting to try out. (about a mile from our house) It was a bit cloudy and kind of cool...Halfway there, Dave mentions "At least it's not raining"

And then the raindrops fell.

So we waited it out in the bakery for a while (the donut was no good) and then slowly made our way back home - stopping under awnings the whole way home. We were wet and cold when we got home.

fun outing!

sarah p said...

I forgot to mention that we were walking to the bakery. It would've made the story a little more clear. oops.

Kritter Krit said...

Ooo! Great pictures. The vibrant colors are amazing! And the God-has-a-sense-of-humor animal cracked me up. Hee. The poor thing. He probably doesn't get very many dates, huh? But then, maybe he has a rockin' sense of humor. =)

Your boys are so stinking CUTE, and I have to tell you, I covet your hair. It's so shiny and such a pretty color. Love it.