Thursday, May 8, 2008

Seth's Big Debut

(and my first post with video!!)

We have a little musician on our hands!  Seth has always loved music, and he learns new things really well when they are set to music.  He has become our resident djembe (African drum) player at New Hope.  He will be up on stage jamming away on the drum for 30 -40 minutes with the band and not get bored.  On Wednesday night, he was playing with us while we were getting ready for the Youth Gathering.  We finished up with practice and were all doing last minute things to get ready, and I noticed Seth still up on the stage, still standing by his drum, with this sad little look on his face.  I went up and asked him what was wrong and he said, "Play music?".  I pointed out to him that our acoustic guitarist was still on the stage strumming, and his face lit up and he started playing his drum again.  We love that he loves music!

(I know this picture is awful, but Steve's flash batteries died on me. I love how you can see his little hands going to town, though!)

So another one of Seth's' favorite things is the "Brown Bear" book by Eric Carle. His teacher at preschool taught them the whole book in a song. Steve had the brilliant idea of capturing this on his MacBook, which records video. So here is Seth, in his blog-video debut singing, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" (Side note: the reason he is making so many funny faces is because he was watching himself on the computer screen as this was being recorded. This video is rather long, but if you make it to the end you can see the big finish!)


sarah p said...

That was so very precious! Dave and I were both cracking up at his faces. I love the one where he scrunches up his eyes and then stops singing because he's so fascinated with his new look. What a great idea to film him doing this!

Miss you guys!

Loves to the Horvaths!

Amy said...

What a sweet video! There was a time where he almost sounded like he had an English accent.. :) The faces are funny funny.. He is a cutie pie!

I also love the first picture! Seth loves playing the bongo-ish drums? I love that you let him... (at least at practice)

Love you!

gabriel said...

Great video, Courtney! Wendie and I were cracking up. My favorite is when he tries to see what he looks like with his eyes closed. You should send this video in to AFV... it could be worth $10,000. (Seriously!)

Cindy said...

love it. sorry we are just getting on, but we are in tulsa and it has been a bit of a journey of readjustment.

seth is so cute and i loved the same faces that sarah mentioned. my mom watched it too and loved it so much. i didn't know he was so into music too and i really thought that picture was trying to look aged...i thought it was cool.

love you girl..only one state away!