Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have never been on a blind date.

Until last Friday.

Too bad I didn't have these nifty "Blind Date Secrets" from good ol' Google in time:

#1) Prepare yourself: The first impression you make will set the mood for the entire date, so prepare in advance to make a good one!  Choose clothes that are appropriate for the date, not too revealing or strange.  Get a fresh haircut, trim your fingernails, and shine shoes if needed.

#2) Where to go and what to do: Don't center it around a meal.  If the date isn't going well and your having dinner, you have to stick it out longer than if you just meet for coffee.

#3) The First Meeting: Arrive a little early, make sure your neatly dressed, and step forward with a polite greeting and a firm handshake.  Remember to say thank you and use good manners.

#4) Ending the Date:  If you don't want to see the other person again, it is ok to say so politely. Saying something like, "I think we don't have a lot in common" is much kinder than saying "I'll call you" and never calling.  Always be kind and make every effort to spare his or her feelings as much as possible.

Please, by all means, trim your fingernails, use your manners and don't wear anything "strange"!

Enough shenanigans and on to the story.  Both of my boys have been in a program called Early Childhood Intervention because of speech and communication delays.  

Krista was our developmental therapist for a while with Caleb.  A couple times she mentioned another mom that was a client of her's that lived in Plano, and she thought we would really hit it off.  Krista ended up leaving her position to pursue teaching, but before she left she gave my email to the other Mom so that we could get in touch.  

We emailed a couple times and traded blog addresses.  When I read her blog, I knew we'd get along famously.  We just had so many similarities, and she came across on her blog as so down to earth, comfortable with herself, and had a great sense of humor!  She has a great way of describing the every day moments of life at home with kids...kind of like Seinfeld for Mom's. So I was excited to meet her and we set up a time to get together at a local Starbucks.

We clicked.  It was easy.  It was comfortable.  We hugged when we met like we were old friends. We both had our Pumpkin Spice Lattes to sip and it felt like there was too much to talk about in only an hour.  We chatted right up until the very last minute before I had to scamper over to Seth's school to pick him up (with one minute to spare!).  

One of the things that impressed me the most about her was how she talked about her husband: With tons of respect.  She adores him, and that is so refreshing!  And even while talking about all the crazy things that you go through as mother to a 2 and 4 year old (and we all know there is MUCH to talk about at these ages. Good grief...) she just beams about her kids and seems to have so much fun with them.  

Positive people with the ability to laugh at themselves and the daily situations they find themselves in are just plain fun to be around.

And then there is the Dr. Pepper thing.  It just makes us smile.  

And the Jim and Pam thing, and the photography thing, and the social work thing, and the 4Runner thing.  

So my first blind date was a roaring success.  Thanks Janet, for a great morning and I can't wait to do it again!  

And thanks God, for blessing me with a fun new friend.

(Oh, and I am sure you are wondering where the picture is of the two of us on our blind date. Because that is what I would be wondering.  I had my camera in my purse, but I just didn't feel right asking to take a picture on the first date. It felt a little like having the DTR talk too soon, and I didn't want to scare her off.  But I know Amy would have done it, and HAS done it, and I should have, darn it!)


life with the wisners said...

oh. now look at you. writing in your little journal about your blind date. and how fun that we both wrote in our journals about our blind date.

guess it went well, huh? :)

should we take our picture tomorrow? we should? ok. i'll bring my camera. you bring yours. wanna dress alike? :)

you're the best. so glad God (and Krista) brought us together.

Amy said...

ohhh the blog world bringing together NEW FRIENDSHIPS! Yah! I am so excited for your new found friendship.... Yes, you def need to take a picture the next time you hang out....

Karah said...

That's so great, Courtney! Some of my best friends are people I've never actually met in real life and I can't wait to meet them sometime - I just imagine it playing out the way your blind date did. :)

PS - great writing - this was so fun to read!

julia d. hull said...

I'm having a senior moment, I guess, what does DTR stand for?

Courtney said...

Define The Relationship :-)

blissful_e said...

Hi Courtney - I don't drink coffee, but I did notice you and your 'date' drank Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And for some reason I remembered that when I saw this recipe.

Enjoyed the post! Let me know how the coffee recipe is if you try it. :)