Sunday, September 28, 2008

No mas musica, por favor.

It is driving Steve crazy that I have not formally addressed the music question I posed a few weeks back. Some of you may have noticed that the song is no longer playing on my blog.  This is because out of all the responses, only one was even semi-positive regarding songs on blogs.  

Most people find them downright irritating.

So no more music to disturb your peaceful blog browsing.  Enjoy the silence and solitude, hopefully while sipping a toasty warm beverage (Pumpkin Spice is back! Ahhhh-yah...) and smelling the sweet aroma of a mulled cider candle burning in the background.  (If you have not smelled the yummy goodness that is Mulled Cider, please travel quickly to your nearest Wal-Mart and plunk down a mere $3 for their jarred variety.  It is heavenly.)

The story of my blind date last Friday with a fellow blogger named Janet...


Steve said...

Good call. Unless somebody has a really cool playlist...I think I have determined that I prefer the silence.

Jen said...

Oh, you're taunting us with the wonderful Starbuck's flavors! No fair! Although it's getting to hot to even think about drinking hot beverages!

Karah said...

Seriously - hard to think about fall when it's still 93 degrees outside *sniff*. Can I just say how jealous I am? LOL