Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mindie and Molly

Seth goes to neurofeedback twice per week.  In the simplest way I know how to say it, it is the practice of re-training the brain in areas where there is delay, impairment, or improper functioning.  There is a really technical definition of it, but we will just leave it at that!  
So we go and see "Mrs. Muggs" twice per week for a 30 minute session.  Seth sits down in a comfy arm chair, and he gets to load his lap up with all kinds of stuffed animals to play with. She then places a sensor on his ear and one on his scalp to monitor his  brain activity while he watches a "game" on a television screen.  There are several different games, but one looks like pac-man, and Seth calls that the "hungry little people movie". 

While Seth is doing his therapy, I sit and read a magazine.  It may not sound like much, but for some reason, it is a really relaxing break in my day to just be able to sit and read a magazine.  If I was at home, there would be 27 things on my to do list and a two year old using various toys as a step ladder to position himself to drop things into the fish tank, and I wouldn't take the time to just sit and relax.  So I appreciate those few moments of quiet.

At his first appointment of the week, he gets a little piece of candy as a reward for sitting still. But on Fridays....well, Friday is toy day.  Mrs. Muggs has a treasure chest that you get to pry open and then choose a toy from the wonderful bounty within.  Some of the various toys Seth has come home with are a punching balloon tied to a rubber band, a big bouncy rubber ball, and a little craft kit that we made a book from.  

But one Friday, not too long ago, Seth opened up the treasure chest and found a little blue horse.  It looks suspiciously like a "My Little Pony", but I thought it was sufficiently "boyish" since it was blue.  Seth chose the horse, and I had only a moment of hesitation, thinking maybe I should try to steer him towards something else.  Something more "manly" if you know what I mean.  But hey, he's four.  And it was a pretty cute horse!

The next Friday, he opened the treasure chest and without even poking around to see what was available, he immediately snatched up an orange horse just like the one he had chosen the week before.  This time, I did try to persuade him to choose something else since we already had one My Little Pony knock-off at home, and I didn't want to have to explain to Steve why the collection was growing.  Seth was having none of it.  He wanted the orange horse.  So off we went, with the orange horse tucked under his arm.

We got home, and he quickly went and found the blue horse in his room.  He brought them back out into the living room, holding them up proudly for me to see that he had TWO horses now. So I asked him what their names were, and he said, without missing a beat, "Mindie (pointed to the blue horse) and Molly (pointed to the orange horse)".

Mindie and Molly are two of our friends from church, and they both sing with our worship band. When we get to church on Sunday mornings, Seth makes a bee line for wherever Mindie and Molly are. It is the first thing he says when we walk in the door. "Where's Mindie and Molly?" 
                                                                       (I ripped this picture off Courtney Ramsey's facebook.  Sorry Nourtney :-)

So I guess Seth has his first little crush (x2), and he has given them the highest compliment by naming his two beloved horses after them.


sarah p said...

Well if that isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen...and might I add, Mrs. Muggs, those are some ROCKIN' rewards in the treasure chest! I loved My Little Pony. I had a big stuffed horse that was seafoam green with a pink mane. I brushed it all the time. =)

Mindie and Molly are some lucky girls...

love you and the whole fam. Praying for you!

Steve said...

Well Sarah, you were supposed to like my little pony. You are a girl! :)

molly marie said...

i actually have no words.


Amy said...

This is so sweet! I think the horses are manly enough... come on orange and blue!

I love Seth.

gabriel said...

Sounds like Seth has a crush. :-)

For what it's worth... I remember when I was in, I think, kindergarten, I used to steal my mom's nylon stockings and wear them under my socks. I really liked the look of women's legs in hose, and thus the infatuation with the nylons. I also used to regularly get crushes on teen-aged girls. I also used to read Wonder Woman comics because I thought she was pretty. The show, too. And then there's naked Barbie.

I doubt this gives you much hope. ("Oh my God!! Our son could end up like GABE!!") But... oh, well.

nourtney said...

That might just be my favorite Courtney blog post :)

I knew I recognized that picture...;)