Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't LOVE doing these things.  But Amy tagged me, and as she is one of my best friends and all, I thought it would not be nice to pretend I didn't see my name on her "tagged" list.

Here are the "rules"-
7 Random/Weird facts about me-

1.) I used to be allergic to avocados when I was a kid.  They would make me break out in hives.  I even used a Redken shampoo once that had avocados in it, and it made my scalp and forehead break out in hives.  It had been over 10 years since I had tried an avocado, and Steve made me do it this year.  I no longer have an allergic reaction to avocados, and I am thoroughly addicted to Wholly Guacamole.  Thanks babe.

2.) I grew up on a farm, and by the time I was about 10 years old I had driven my Dad's pick-up truck on the road.  By the time I was about 12, I had driven a tractor on the road.  I also know how to drive a grain truck and the least favorite job on our farm, the grain cart.

(The reason this is the least favorite job is because you have to drive up next to the combine, match it's speed, and stay right in line with it while it dumps grain on you. Oh, and the tractors have CB radios in them, and you just MIGHT get yelled at for either going to slow, too fast, not staying the proper distance away, getting too far away, or just plain not paying enough attention. Sorry Dad... :-)

3.) I have texture issues.  These include, but are not limited to, touching foam (like the foam egg crate things that go on your mattress...ick!  It gives me the shivers just thinking about it) or eating things with what I would deem "weird" textures.  Like coconut.  Ick again.

4.) My husband thinks I have Youngest Child/Baby/I-Am-Used-To-Getting-My-Way Syndrome and I think he has Bossy/Know-It-All/Oldest Child Syndrome.  :-)

5.)  I am claustrophobic.  If this is genetic, I inherited it from my mother.  If it is learned behavior, I still inherited it from my mother.  
On one of our family vacations, we went to St. Louis and we visited the famous Arch.  We waited in a big, long line to get on an elevator which was going to take us to the top.  When we got to the front of the line, this is what awaited us:

My mother quickly made a bee-line OUT of line, and I for some un-known reason, decided I was going to face my claustrophobia fears that day.  I climbed into the dryer, I mean, the elevator, which has NO windows.  And who was the last person to climb in?  A hippie looking guy carrying a full hiking style backpack.  I remember talking to myself and taking deep breaths on the looooonnnnnngggggg ride to the top.  This is not one of my fondest vacation memories, and I almost thought I was going to not be able to get back in the thing to come back down.

6.) After I graduated from college, I went with 3 friends on a backpacking trip through Europe. We went to 11 countries in 2 months.  We went to England, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, and Wales (in that order).  If you ever have the chance to do something like this, DO IT!  Wouldn't trade that experience for the world.

7.) I am pretty much addicted to sleeping with a fan.  If we travel, I take a small one with me.  I have a REALLY hard time sleeping in silence because then I hear every little noise or creak and I can't get to sleep.  I have friends that share this sickness.  The ones that come to mind are Cindy, Josh and Steve's step-mom Jacey.

I am going to tag:
1.) Karah
2.) Julia
3.) Janet
4.) Jen
5.) Steve (who probably won't do it)
6.) My Mom (she doesn't even have a blog)
7.) Yo Mama


Jen Price said...

This is so funny. I don't really like doing these things either but a friend of mine tagged me yesterday. She not only did it on her blog but also sent me an email to let me know. So I thought I better do it. I tagged you next. I'll do yours if you do mine! :)

Steve said...

booyah. Like, totally done. That was my Andy impression btw :)

Anonymous said...

Courtney, My momma doesn't have a blog either.

julia d. hull said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs and blogging on my site...but this is fun. I will think of my random facts and put that post up! And I enjoyed learning #2 & #3 about you! And #4 just made me laugh. :)

Have a good day!